• C-28

    Donated By: Virginia Ansorge

    Web Number: C-28 Donor: Virginia Ansorge, Willmar Description: Pentagonal Prints Size: 72x83, Style: Hand Quilted, Front: Prints on blue back, yellow sashing, Back: Blue print, Other Information: Virginia is 100 years old Online Price: $0 This very special quilt is being sold at the auction. However, we are also making available "donation shares" in the quilt as a way to say thank you to Virginia for her many years of service to Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. Go to the Brochures section of our website to download a donation form. Your donation will be generously matched by a donor. Your $100, $200, or $1000 will become $200, $400, or $2000.

    Web Number: C-28