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August 23, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

This is an abbreviated edition of the e-news. Camp is in a bit of a hiatus as a couple of our year round staff take a few well-deserved days off to enjoy family and friends. Things never come to a complete halt at the Island, but for a week or so things do slow down.

We are hosting a couple of high school cross country teams. They are enjoying our great facilities and preparing for their season. We also have two families enjoying our self-directed retreat buildings.

We thank God for a wonderful Summer 2011. Our theme of Reflecting His Light was very well received. We don’t have final numbers yet, but we all had a strong sense that it was a very busy summer. It was a summer of new experiences with our first attempts at off-camp day camps, off-camp Vacation Bible School, and an expansion of our on-camp day camps and servant camps.

Our Retreat Season 2011-2012 is now available in printed form and we would love to send you a copy. We’ll be sending a couple of copies to each congregation very soon.

Development news: We are so blessed by your gifts and support. This week we received a wonderful gift of $30,000 from a pastor and his family in support of our effort to purchase Christ Serve Ranch. We also received several other gifts from individuals and nearly $2000 from congregations in our district. Praise God!!!

Our Horse Outreach Program has once again been blessed by the donation of a horse. We thank God for the many ways that we have been supported in the horse program. As the winter approaches, we will be in need of hay. If any of you has hay to donate or sell at a very reasonable price, please give Marvin a call at camp next week. We use round bales and do ask that the hay be mold and dust free. With 26 horses, we do go through the hay!

Each year at about this time we have folks who decide that they won’t be needing their row boats, fishing boats, pontoons, docks, or other watercraft. If you are looking for a way to support camp and receive a donation receipt for IRS purposes, please let us know. We are always looking for good to excellent boats, canoes, kayaks and other waterfront equipment.

Pastors, we want to remind you of the upcoming Confirmation Kick-off coming up in September. It is a great way to start your confirmation year and the price can’t be beat since we receive a significant grant from the district.

We want to remind you that Lutheran Island Camp staff would love to come to your congregation to share what is happening at camp. We’re happy to do that for any of your groups, for a MAWFCA presentation, or to share with even just a few people about some of the exciting improvements at camp.

Question and Answer:

Question: Do you have a final figure on the Quilt Auction?

Answer: We’re going to call the final figure at $22,500. Thanks be to God!!!

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