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July 26, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

It is hard to believe that Summer 2011 is winding down. This is the last Tuesday e-news of July. We pray that you’ve had a blessed summer!

We are very pleased to announce that the Make A World For Christ Appeal has been the recipient of a gift for nearly $52,000. Praise God and thank you to the donor!

Last week we were very fortunate to have another great group of servant event participants. These teens and adults worked on a number of projects including completion of the new deck on the Retreat House, putting up more siding, cutting down a number of trees, and beginning the work on the new fishing pier. They were joined by horse campers, teen events, and our The Biggest classic camp.

This week we are hosting 18 servants working with Native Americans from Inger as well as other servant work. We also have an Ottertail Adventure camp, horseback riding camp, and our Performing Arts camp. Next week we’ll be hosting another Young Scientist camp, horseback riding and our second Family Week.

We’ve been blessed with about 260 quilts as of today. In addition we have some beautiful woodcraft items including a quilt rack, two deacon’s benches, other needle crafts, rugs, beautiful photos, and so much more for a total of nearly 60 items already that will be on the silent auction. We’ll be working on getting the Silent Auction Items up on our website this week. We have over 250 quilts at our website already. Join us for our 20th Annual Quilt Auction on August 6th. There will be food and tours. We can also arrange for tours of Christ Serve Ranch, but would like to hear in advance so we can schedule the tours in the morning or after the auction.

Quilting and Crafts Retreat in August will be a wonderful opportunity to get together during the summer. Sign up now.

Greensneakers continues at camp. Those of you who are coming to the Quilt Auction might want to bring along your used tennis shoes and sneakers. We receive 50 cents a pound and they are then reconditioned and sent to third world countries. Bring them to the auction and watch for the pile!

Our Board of Directors meeting was held last Friday. The board received a number of reports, authorized a contract with the design build firm who will be helping us with the ERC and addition, adopted resolutions of thanks for three grants that we’ve recently received and had a preliminary discussion on some of the changes that may be necessary for our Bylaws.

Our 2010 financial audit has been completed so we will now begin working on our annual report to congregations. Our plan is to have it available sometime in late September.

Are you looking for a speaker for an upcoming rally, congregation event or Bible Study, youth event or family event? Both Ken and Bill are available for presentations on a variety of topics.

Continued gifts arrive here at camp. We were blessed recently with gifts from individuals, memorials, and gifts from organizations and congregations. We thank God that you continue to support your camp through your gifts and offerings. We have been able to accomplish many wonderful things as a result of them.

Summer Program Highlight:

Creation-Safari Camp

Send your child on the ultimate journey of exploration. God has given us a wonderful place to search for strange animals, neat plants, big fish, and lots of bugs. During our Creation-Safari camps we’ll be teaching youth to see just how miraculous those creations are. We’ll have fun with butterflies, fish, horses, flowers, and bugs. At the same time we’ll be taking a safari into God’s word to hunt dinosaurs, giant fish, exotic plants, and strange weather patterns.

Ages: 8-11


Creation Safari 3-August 7-12

Cost: $310

Deposit: $75


Fall Program Highlight:

"Reflecting His Light" Confirmation Kick-off is a great way to begin your confirmation instruction. Youth from around the state will come together to learn and grow. In addition to music and activities, pastors will have adequate instruction time for their own group. Pastor Dave Horn will be song and devotion leader and Pastor Tom Brinkley will be preaching on Sunday. Regular cost is $89, but is reduced due to a Stepping Out in Faith grant. Dates: September 9-11. Cost: $50. Click here for a brochure.

How can you help raise dollars for camps with just a click of your mouse? Simply become a fan of Thrivent Financial’s Facebook page and they’ll donate $1 to Lutheran outdoor ministries for every new fan up to $10,000. Happy clicking!


Question and Answer:

Question: Where do the proceeds go from the Quilt Auction?

Answer: The board has designated that 10% goes toward paying off debt. The rest is used to offset the costs of camp for children and families. Each year registrations cover about 60-65% of the real cost of camp. In addition we give out about $8,000-$10,000 a year in camperships for children who can’t afford to come to camp.

Lutheran Island Camp and Retreat Center

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Learn more about our Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center at www.christserveranch.org

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