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July 19, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

If this is summer in Minnesota can you imagine what hell will be like? Recently we had a little discussion with one of our campers who was just full of questions and comments about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the devil, heaven and hell. She had the basics down and was more than willing and able to share her newly strengthened faith with mom and dad, brothers, and cousins. She sang us a couple of beautiful songs and told us about Reflecting His Light. It’s nice to know that she and hundreds of other youngsters are finding out more about how we all do that – Reflecting His Light.

Quilt Auction – Wow! We are so blessed by our quilts! Shirley Koestler and Anne Hilchen have been busy sorting through the quilts to get them organized and ready for our 20th Annual Quilt Auction. We now have 190 quilts and numerous other Afghans, rugs, table runners, wood items, and more that will be sold either in the auction or through the silent auction. We got word of another 25 quilts scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. Quilts will be showing up on-line as we have time to process them. We hope some will be up as soon as tomorrow. Please be patient. Because of our internet speed here at camp, we have to put them on-line off camp.

We have been so blessed again this past week with many wonderful gifts. Included were over $1500 in gifts from congregations. At least $2500 from individuals, over $1200 from organizations and $5000 for Christ Serve Ranch. Thank you so much. It seems like it is going out as fast as it is coming in, but we are able to make some wonderful improvements and transitions here at camp because of those gifts.

God continues to bless our Make A World For Christ Appeal. We are approaching the $450,000 mark. The district sent off $20,000 for the foreign mission projects. Your continued support is so much appreciated.

What a blessing last week at camp was! We had over 140 campers and 25 staff who worked, played, prayed, and worshipped their hearts out. Our 80 servant event participants completed some major projects including a large new tenting area. Our Creation Safari campers hunted animals, found bugs, made fossils, and had many great experiences. It was a great week for our horse campers and our Splash campers as well.

This week at camp we have more servant eventers working on projects, including beginning work on the fishing pier, work on trails, chopping brush and more. Other campers include our “Biggest camp”, our Guys being Guys and Girls Week Out, Creation Safari, and another horse camp.

Announcing the Fall Women’s Retreat: We are very pleased to let you know that noted pottery artist and inspirational speaker Grace Johnson will be our speaker for the first annual Fall Women’s Retreat to be held on November 11-13. Join lots of other women from around the tri-state area to be a part of this inspirational event. Brochures and posters will soon be available.

Last week we let you know that we have received a wonderful grant from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. This grant will allow us to develop a Equine Assisted Learning program. We will be using horses as we develop a new congregational leadership program as well as programs to strengthen families, couples, organizations and groups. We’ll also be training some volunteers and specialists to help work with children and adults who are facing medical challenges. This $75,000 grant will provide training, promotion, equipment, staff time, and cover horse and rental expenses for a two year period. We are projecting that this grant will open some new ways for us to support congregations as well as some new constituents we haven’t worked with in the past.

Confirmation kick-off is a great way to get your confirmation program off to a good start. Dave Horn will be worship and music leader as well as presenter. Pastor Tom Brinkley will lead us in worship on Sunday along with many others who will be joining us for a mission festival.

Summer Program Highlight:

Little Lambs

Your little lambs get to spend the whole weekend with Mom or Dad (or a grandparent, aunt or uncle) enjoying the Island and time with a special person in their lives. Activities are geared toward kindergarten and pre-school children. The basic rate includes one adult and one child. Please complete a registration form for both child and adult.


Little Lambs 5 – July 29-31 (weekend)

Little Lambs 6- August 12-14 (weekend)

Ages: 3-6 years old with adult


$140 for one adult and one child. Additional adults are $75 and additional children are $45.

Limit: 30

Deposit Amount: $75

Retreat Season Highlight

Fall Clean-up Weekend:

Help us put away the summer equipment, put up firewood, and get the Island ready for our fall and winter guests. Clean-up day is Saturday, October 1. Please call to let us know you are coming. We have some housing available Friday and Saturday nights. No cost, but donations are always welcome.

Make plans for a fall day at camp. We would love to have your senior group, couples club, LWML, men’s group, youth group, or Sunday School join us for an event this September or October. We have dates available during the week or on Weekends. We can provide a great youth retreat or event whether for the weekend or just for a day of horseback riding.

Question and Answer:

Question: Will Brian Young be back at camp again this summer?

Answer: Yes, Brian will be back from July 31-August 6 for another Young Scientist Camp. We hope to schedule him for another public presentation likely on August 3. He’ll also be back for a week in September and again in October.


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