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May 30, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

Yesterday we were reminded of the sacrifices that men and women in the armed services have made in order for us to be free to worship our God, to write and say the things we want to, to bear arms, to gather together as free people, and to freely elect a representative government. God’s sacrifice also gives us the knowledge of our salvation and because of that we have no choice but to be “Reflecting His Light”.

We’ve had a request for a summer quilting retreat, so we’ve scheduled it for August 16

21. Here is a link to the flyer. You can join us for anywhere from 3 to 5 days. http://islandcamp.org/files/pdf/brochure/august_2011_quilting.pdf .

Professional church workers should sign up for the Concordia Plan Services preretirement workshop that is coming up June 20-21. You must register by June 3 in order for Paul Snyder to have the information necessary to provide you with individualized information. It is suggested that any professional church worker older than 50 could definitely benefit from attending. Spouses are also encouraged to attend. Here is a link to more information: http://islandcamp.org/files/pdf/brochure/pre_retirement_2011.pdf .

We are blessed that the St. Cloud Chapter of Thrivent has granted us $1600 toward our docks and fishing pier project. We still have many thousands of dollars to go, but this wonderful project will provide a great opportunity for our guests who can’t get on our pontoon for fishing. You gifts toward that project or undesignated will help us move forward!

We want to welcome our 2011 summer counseling, maintenance, and kitchen staff: Emily Kuhnau - Alexandria, MN, Amelia Feldt - Frazee, MN, Rachel Vrudny - Finlayson, MN, Gretchen Weber - Ottertail, MN, Rebecca Apitz - Grand Rapids, MN, Louis Blocker - Greenbay, WI, Connor Blacksher - Alexandria/Nebraska, Megan Sonnabend - Benson, MN, Nathan Knop - Monticello, MN, Sandra Knop - Monticello, MN, Stephanie Erlandson

-Henning, MN, Leah Hensch - Campbell, MN, Aaron Frith - Olathe, KS, Amber Birkmire

- Monroeville, IN, Lynsey Hagen - Sturgeon Lake, MN, Anthony Miller - Mankato, MN, Marta Krause - Eden Prairie, MN, Sophia Loseke - Elkhorn, NE, Kjirstyn Smith - Mankato, MN, Katherine Peske - Bemidji, MN, Amanda Schuster - Arden Hills, MN, Paul Moritz - Franklin, WI. Sara Peterson of Osakis will be working in development and planning.

Dad’s, why not think about spending a relaxing weekend with your son or sons at Lutheran Island Camp June 17-19. There will be great food, devotions, Bible Study, and plenty of free time for fishing, golf, and other activities. The cost is reasonable, the company great.

We are thank you for two large gifts for directed for the purchase of Christ Serve Ranch. We received two $15,000 gifts this past week that came on top of receiving word of a $30,000 grant we receive earlier in the week.

We want to remind LC-MS congregations in the Minnesota North District that your Servant Event is scheduled at Lutheran Island Camp June 19-24. There will be lots of great projects to take on as well as an excellent opportunity to get to know other youth from the district. You can sign up for the entire week or for the Sunday to Tuesday option. Here is a link to our website: http://islandcamp.org/content_181.php#building .

Summer 2011 Program Highlight: Basketball Camp

Who is your favorite Basketball Hero? Whoever he or she is, they've worked long and hard to get where they are. God blesses us each with talents and abilities that are ready to be developed. Our basketball camps provide the right mix of fun, practice, competition, and learning about the game.

Ages: 8-11 Dates: July 24-29, Cost:$345.

Deposit Amount: $100

Question and Answer: Question: Can we bring an RV to camp? Answer: It is possible, but we prefer that you don’t. One of the blessings of Christ Serve Ranch will be the possibility of having RV’s park there. We’ve looked into having them at the island but there are several issues. First, it requires a different license from the Health Department. Second, it would require proper hookups for electricity and water. Third, we’re not excited about having 30-40 foot rigs coming and going with lots of kids around. We do have an occasional RV come and stay at the Island, but it does require board of directors’ approval.

Lutheran Island Camp and Retreat Center Lutheran Island Camp Foundation Christ Serve Ministries 45011 230th St Henning MN 56551

licplanning@islandcamp.org www.islandcamp.org

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