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May 10, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

Well, at the risk of facing snow in the next couple of days, we’re going to celebrate the fact that spring may almost be here. We pray!

We’ve enjoyed visiting with many of the pastors from Minnesota North and Minnesota South Districts. We’ve shared many great camp stories, visited about some upcoming programs, and visited about the good things that camp can do for young people and families.

Board members Reverend Mark Maunula and Jayne Maser went with staff member Bill Schultz to visiting the Christian equine therapy program called “Changing Gaits.” They had a nearly two hour demonstration on how horses can be used for mental health therapy, work with addicts, family dynamics, and leadership training. We are working on developing additional ways that we can utilize our herd of horses while providing new services for our congregations, families and individuals. If your congregation would be interested in a leadership training program, please let us know. If we decide to move forward we’ll be scheduling a program in September.

Our Greensneakers continues to move forward with abundance and we want to thank you. We delivered about 500 lbs from the ladies in the Detroit Lakes circuit. They did an ingathering at the recent rally. We have another 1000 pounds that will be picked up later this week. The collection of the sneakers and tennis shoes will benefit the Make A World For Christ Appeal through the youth team. Many other congregations are gathering shoes for our effort.

Summer program detail:

Performing Arts Camp

Whether you want to be an actor, a comedian, a vocalist, a musician or someone who works behind the scenes you'll want to join us for our Performing Arts Camp. By the end of the week, we'll have a variety show that will highlight each of your God given talents. And don't forget all of the other great camp activities available at the Island.

Ages: 12-18 Dates: July 24-29 Cost: $350 Deposit: $75

We praise God for the continuing gifts that we are receiving from congregations and individuals. They are much needed as we move into our very busy summer season and have all sorts of projects that need to be funded.

Our VBS program provides a great day for your young people. Arrive in the morning and enjoy a wonderful day including all the camp activities your kids will love.

Welcome to Sara Peterson! Sara will be working this summer with development, volunteers, and promotion and will be assisting Bill with the MAWFCA, grant writing, new program development, websites and more. Sara is a student at Concordia University in St. Paul where she is majoring in non-profit management and has been working in the development office.

Registrations continue to run ahead of last year. We rejoice in the fact that so many families entrust their children to our care. We have several events that have filled, but we do still have room in most events.

Question and Answer: Question: When will the fall schedule be done? Answer: We have got it pretty well done. We have a few more additions to do, but we if you’d like a copy, we’ll be happy to send you one.

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