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April 5, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

It’s coming! It’s coming! Spring really is coming. Some of us have bought seeds, started some plants, and are anxious to get our gardens going. Much of the snow left over the weekend with the warm rains. Frost went out in some areas. It is finally looking like the long winter may be ending.

Pass it on – We’d like to encourage you to forward this newsletter to a family member or friend who doesn’t receive it. Encourage them to sign up for both of our e-news letters. They won’t want to miss the road kill synopsis from this week’s creation-science e-news.

Women’s Retreat: We are blessed with continuing registrations and should have an excellent retreat. We can still accept more registrations, but it is getting late. Give us a call or e-mail your registration in to info@islandcamp.org . We’ve just receive registrations from Rush City, Garfield, Moorhead, and Duluth area.

We have a second Crafters Retreat scheduled for later this month. So if you are into scrapbooking, quilting, or knitting come on out and enjoy a weekend with other crafters. The dates are April 27 through May 1. Come for Tuesday through Sunday or any combination of days. Visit our website for costs and more information.

Our annual Mother/Daughter Retreat is coming up May 6-7. This delightful two day retreat is designed so that mothers and daughters of all ages can enjoy time together while having some unique experiences at the Island.

Bill visited St. John’s Lutheran in Rush City this past Sunday. A number of youth registered that day for events including the Rum River Classic camp, Splash Camp and horseback riding camp. This congregation has just completed its MAWFCA campaign and will have given over $15,000 toward the goal. We praise God and thank the people of St. John’s for the continuing support of Lutheran Island Camp.

Summer 2011 Camp Program Highlight: Teen Trek Survivor BWCA Trip You'll have the time of your life exploring some of the most stunning country Minnesota has to offer! We begin the adventure Sunday at Lutheran Island Camp, learning how and what to pack for a trip into the wilderness. Very early Monday we leave for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to enjoy the remainder of the week in the wilderness. Registration is limited. Because we will camp as two separate groups, campers who wish to be together all week must indicate this on their registration forms. This is a great event for a youth group!

Ages: 15 and older TT/EX Dates and Costs: June 26-July 1, $350 Development – God continues to bless us through you. We received several gifts this week including congregation gifts, a horse outreach program sponsorship, and a gift in support of the purchase of Christ Serve Ranch. We had one family that said they would be designating a portion of their income tax refund to come to camp.

MAWFCA: Watch for the next edition of the Messenger. It will be sent out via e-mail and regular post sometime in the next week. We have much to be thankful for in that effort as well.

Maintenance Trivia- On March 15 we asked you how many feet of lake shore there are on the Island. On the island alone there is well over 8,222 feet of lake shore. We’ve been told that we could have over 270 lots on the island, including 50 prime lake shore lots. Think of how much work it takes to keep your lot of 1/3 to ½ acre and then multiply it by 270 times. Next question – How many heat sources (furnaces, water heaters,) does the island have?

Have you finished your taxes for 2010? Was there a donation to Lutheran Island Camp on the list of charitable donations? We certainly appreciate your gifts of cash, but there are also other ways that you can receive a deduction as a result of being involved with camp. Here a few things to consider: 1.) Stocks and other securities can be donated at current market value. 2.) If you are selling appreciated real estate, gifting up to 1/3 to Lutheran Island Camp can save you on capital gains as well as giving you a charitable deduction of the appraised value. 3.) If you have an IRA and are over 70 ½ years of age, you can gift up to $100,000 to Lutheran Island Camp without paying taxes of the distribution. 4.) If you volunteer at camp in any way, you can deduct your mileage to and from camp. 5.) We accept thousands of dollars in “Gifts in Kind” from donors. Those gifts can include: horses, tack, feed, vehicles, boats, canoes, waterfront equipment, recreation equipment, tools, lumber, furniture, electronics, appliances, lawn equipment, games, crafts, etc. (see our Gifts in Kind brochure). 6.) Gift a life insurance plan or annuity to camp. We keep you in our prayers as you consider how you might share God’s blessings with the youth and families we serve.

Question and Answer: Question: What are the advantages of gifting a life insurance policy? Answer: There can be several advantages especially if it is a policy that you may no longer “need”. For example you may have purchased a policy for business purposes, to cover a mortgage, or to help your young family that have now grown and are on their own. When you transfer ownership, you can deduct the value of the policy. We have some people who not only gift the policy, but they also continue to pay the premiums, which is also deductible. Here is an example: We have an 85 year old woman who gifted the camp a $25,000 policy 10 years ago. She was able to take an immediate deduction for that gift. She continues to pay the $873 annual premium to us as a gift. We then pay the premium to the insurance company. The policy continues to grow as does the cash value.

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