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March 15, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

One of our staff members was in Nebraska in the last couple of days and reports that there is very little snow left there, that migrating ducks are showing up, that new born calves are all over the place and that O’Neil, Nebraska will soon be busting at the seems with green as they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Retired pastor Jerry Meyer has refused to wear green for the many years he has marched in the parade. He prefers the colors of his Germanic heritage! Spring is definitely on the way north!

Thrivent Giving Choice. We received $4911 from February. If you have funds to direct, please do so by March 31, 2011. Funds not designated by March 31 will be put back into the pool of dollars for another year. You can set us up as a recurring choice. Visit this link https://www.thrivent.com/thriventchoice / or contact your financial representative for assistance. This funds are a huge help to us. Please be advised that we very much appreciate your designation. However, we receive only the name of the person designating, not the amount designated. In addition, these gifts must be identified as gifts from Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, not individual donations. If you have questions, please contact your representative or the camp.

We continue to get volunteers offering their time at the Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center. Recently we had a volunteer from the Grand Rapids area, one from Colorado, another from Washington State contact us about volunteering for weeks at a time. We also have a teacher from Houston who is trying to arrange their schedule to help us out. You can find out more about our Creation-Science programs by signing up for our newsletter at www.christserveranch.org .

MAWFCA idea: Gloria Dei in Pequot Lakes has a great idea to educate their members on the Make A World For Christ Appeal. They are coming to camp. That’s right, they’ll be arriving at camp on April 10th to see the camp, learn about how MAWFCA dollars will be used and hear about the mission projects. We’d love to have other congregations do the same thing.

ICE OUT is a new topic of discussion on our Face Book page. If you have an idea about when the ice will leave East Battle Lake or a favorite waterfront memory, please share it with us. You can get to our Face Book page from the home page of our website. Check out the summer 2011 schedule while you’re there.

Jamborees continue to be lots of fun and very successful. Over 20 kids registered this past weekend alone! This past Sunday, Bill was in Moorhead, Ken in Alexandria, and Anne was in the Becker. Willmar had their Jamboree as well. If you haven’t had a jamboree scheduled, there still is time in April and May. We have events scheduled in St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, Willmar, Rush City, Esko, Fisher, and others.

Women’s Retreat continues to get lots of interest from our district and others! Jan Struck and Kim Wagner will be leading the retreat. You can register on-line and get a brochure by following this link: http://islandcamp.org/content_129.php#Women

Horse back riding camps continue to fill at a good clip-clop.  We have 10 different events this summer including a servant event for teens. That is full as well as at least one of the wrangler camps. These are great camps for youth 10 and older.

Our Deadline is coming up. We’ve been offering a $20 discount for week-long camps. That discount will end on April 1 except for registration jamborees.

Gifts continue to arrive – February ended up with a total of over $16,000 in gifts, not including MAWFCA gifts. That was on top of a January that saw over $28,500 in gifts.

Spring is gearing up to be a very busy time of the year. We have several full or nearly full weekends of confirmation retreats as well as our Women’s Retreat, Spring Fever Retreat, Crafts Retreat, Spring Cleaning, Mother/daughter Retreat, and Joy of Marriage.

We continue to receive funds for the Mark Moldenhauer benefit. We delivered $240 to the benefit last month and have recently received over $1200 additional funds from camp staff and friends.

Christ Serve Servant events continue to fill. The latest to confirm was from Mayer, Minnesota. We received another inquiry (from Chicago) for one of our June events that has room for a few more. At this rate June may be nearly as full as July!!

Summer 2011 highlight:

Adult and Family Horse Camp This great weekend starts at the Island Friday evening for devotions and a good night's sleep in preparation for a full day of riding. You'll camp out Saturday night, take a moonlight ride. Sunday Morning you'll ride to worship before returning to the Island. Previous riding experience required. If this weekend doesn't fit your schedule, we find another one for you. Ages: 16 and older. Dates and Costs: June 17-19 (or call for availability) $135. We can schedule an event for your family or group. We need a minimum of 8 participants.

Chapel and Recreation Hall work continues: we had the wood for the recreation hall walls delivered this past week. Insulation is going in and we should have the lighting done soon. God has blessed us so much through your gifts, volunteer time and your patience during construction. We are already seeing the benefit of the renovated facilities as we welcome many new groups.

Out good friend and summer employee Jim Morse won’t be returning this summer. He shared his decision to “retire” just this week. He has been a very valuable member of the staff and will be dearly missed.

Question and Answer: Question: Are you worried about flooding at the Island? Answer: Probably not. We have had cabins flooded in the past, but it has come as a result of downpours of rain rather than snow melt. We do see that the lake levels are higher than normal. We also know that we went into the winter with saturated soils, but our soils are almost all sandy and thaw quickly and drain well. Our thoughts and prayers are with those of you who might be facing those flooding challenges.

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