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March 1, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

Welcome to Spring! We may have some of the coldest temps of the season tonight, but it actually is meteorological spring. Meteorologists identify the four seasons as beginning and ending at the beginning of the months rather than on the solstice. You can call it spring, but that doesn’t make it so. We may do the same thing with our family and friends – “they are saved” but saying that doesn’t make it so. Lift them up in prayer and witness to them on a daily basis!

Polar Plunge was a bitterly cold success. Temps ranged in the single digits as 59 people jumped into the hole in the ice. About 75 people watched costumed characters jump into the cold water. A couple of “brave” ones jumped twice. We had jumpers from around the state.

has been a wonderful success. We received over $12,750 in unrestricted gifts so far in February. We thank God. We will include in our total any additional checks that may arrive that are dated in February.

Women’s Retreat registrations are coming in on a daily basis. Many new women will be attending this event. We are getting registrations from as far away as Fairmont, Duluth, St. Cloud and beyond. Jan Struck and Kim Wagner are the retreat leaders. Sign up early to avoid disappointment.

Summer Camp Highlight – We encourage you to visit our website to see a video on the summer on website. The video link is on our homepage. It was produced by Annie Pitschka and is being used in some of the jamborees.

Teen Trek Survivor BWCA Trip You'll have the time of your life exploring some of the most stunning country Minnesota has to offer! We begin the adventure Sunday at Lutheran Island Camp, learning how and what to pack for a trip into the wilderness. Very early Monday we leave for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area to enjoy the remainder of the week in the wilderness. Registration is limited. Because we will camp as two separate groups, campers who wish to be together all week must indicate this on their registration forms. Ages: 15 and older Dates: June 26-July 1. Costs:$350

Deposit: $75

MAWFCA-We received word that Trinity Lutheran in Sauk Rapids has had an excellent capital campaign. The appeal will realize over $49,000. That will take our appeal total over the $400,000 mark. Praise God!!! Trinity did their appeal using the campaign design but also raised funds for their own needs. They established the campaign to send 10% of the total raised to the MAWFCA. The video we use for the campaign is available on the website. Click here to go to it: http://islandcamp.org/content_87.php You’ll find it at the bottom of the page.

Our Spring Fever Weekend is set for March 25-27. The Rates are: Adults $89 Children 6 - 18 years old $25 Children 5 years old and under Free

The maximum fee per family is $300. Included will be a trip to Thumper Pond Water Park.

It is time to sign up for summer camp! Some specialty camp weeks like horse camps are filling quickly. Our Splash Camps and the “Biggest Camp” are also getting more registrations. We also want to encourage those who are considering our Little Lambs and Sheep camps to get signed up. We have added a couple more weekends, but some weekends are rapidly filling.

As most of you know, we changed the format of our brochures this year. In the process the deposit amounts got left off of the brochure. The amounts are listed on our website, so please refer to the website if you have problems. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Grandmas and Grandpas and Great Grandpas and Great Grandmas have you thought about a special gift to your grandchildren? Give them a week at camp. We had one family already where Grandparents paid the way for 5 grandkids. This is a wonderful way to establish a lifelong experience.

The Mark Moldenhauer benefit was a wonderful success this past Saturday. Mark and Allison have a history with the camp that goes back several years. We encourage you to continue to remember them in your prayers.

We had Jamborees in Long Prairie and Detroit Lakes this past weekend. Thank you to those congregations for their warm welcome to us and for the registrations that we took that day. We know that even more will be coming from those congregations. We have other Jamborees coming up Corliss and Messiah Sartell.

Question and Answer: Question: Are there scholarships available to come to camp? Answer: Yes, we encourage you to find out from your local congregation if they have a scholarship program. You may also request a scholarship from Lutheran Island Camp by filling out the form that can be found on the website by following this link:

http://islandcamp.org/content_86.php . Please only request a scholarship if you really need one and there are no other alternatives. We have limited funds available.

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