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January 4, 2011

Greetings in Christ!

A new beginning is something that many of us look for. Some try to lose weight, others try to quit smoking, still others make other attempts at new beginnings related to everything ranging from starting new activities to ending others. Let us ask God to make us new people in Him.

The blizzards of the past weekend have really changed our landscape at the Island. Marvin has been working very hard to get things cleaned up and ready for our upcoming groups.

Registrations for Summer 2011 have already started coming in! Registration information is ready to go for paper registrations, but the on-line is not ready yet. It should be soon! We want to encourage people to register their children and grandchildren as early as possible. It helps us make sure that we have the right staffing, helps our cash flow, and makes sure that your child will have the best opportunity to get signed up for the event they want to attend.

We had a couple more Servant Event groups contact us this past week. We now are likely filled up for at least 3 of the events. We received commitments from another group from Nebraska, one from Indiana, and another from Minnesota. Our Servant Event numbers now exceed 250 with another 50 that have indicated they are likely coming. We are looking at adding at least one more event in July.

One of the benefits of so many Servant Event participants is the number of projects we’ll be able to complete. But in order to do that we’ll need lots of materials. That’s where you can help us. Next week, we’ll provide a list of lumber, equipment, and other materials that you might have around your house, garage, or yard or would be willing to help us purchase.

Donations at end of year continue to arrive. We did not receive first class mail on Friday or Saturday, so yesterday we had nearly $9,000 arrive in the mail. This will all be designated as 2010 funds. The final tally for 2010 will be finished by next week’s e-news.

Upcoming events that you might want to consider

Quilting - http://islandcamp.org/content_124.php

Teen Trek Extravaganza - http://islandcamp.org/content_123.php

Polar Plunge - http://islandcamp.org/content_123.php

Men’s Retreat - http://islandcamp.org/content_124.php

Women’s Retreat - http://islandcamp.org/content_129.php

Our Wyoming Horseback adventure trip will be a wonderful experience for 12-13 kids and adults this summer. We’ll travel from camp to a working ranch in Wyoming, where we’ll spend about 5 days. During that time the campers will experience all sorts of ranch activities, a trapper Rendezvous, and other great adventures. Included in the trip will be a stop at several sites related to dinosaurs and other creation-science information.

Double Adventure Week is the answer that many parents have been looking for. This week will extend from Sunday through the following Friday, providing two weeks and a weekend of camp. Check out the website for more information.

Are you looking for a great place to have a self-directed Christian vacation? You would be welcome to join us at Lutheran Island Camp in one of our two rentals. We have the Log Cabin and also the Retreat House available during the summer. Several weeks have already been book for 2011 so check out our website to find out dates that are still available.

Alumni Highlight: this memory is from Nate Reichle:

As a camper, when I was 13 years old, I played my first game of Romans and Christians. My friends, Seth and Bob, and I went down the Meditation Trail with the intent of getting on the road to go back to the Bluff. We had no way of knowing, but this took us directly to the "catacomb," which was on one of the abandoned cabin concrete slabs. When I saw the fire in the darkness I went from a jog to a full run. It was the most exhilarating runs of my life. I barely felt my feet touch the ground. Seth described the memory to me in later years as one moment we were jogging together and the next I was gone.

Question and Answer: Question: My son and daughter would like to be on the camp staff. What do they need to do? Answer: It does depend on what age they are now. If they are 18 or older, they can apply to work at camp. Lutheran Island Camp works with the National Lutheran Outdoors Ministry Association (NLOMA) for joint recruitment of staff. You need to follow this link to learn more about being on staff and to get to the NLOMA site: http://islandcamp.org/content_77.php . If you are 14-17, please consider attending our Christ Serve Leadership Training program. That is a great way for us to get to know you and also for you to receive excellent training that will help you throughout school and camp experiences.

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