Our Cabins
Our cabins are sponsored by congregations, families, and organizations. Each group works on an ongoing basis to update and renovate the cabins. Some are completed while others are being worked on. We are replacing windows, putting on new siding, installing new water heaters and furnaces.
Unit Lodge The Mary Unit Lodge can sleep up to 12 people. It has a stove and refrigerator, microwave, fireplace, and furnace. It is available for self-directed programs in the spring and fall and houses staff and families during the summer. Messiah Lutheran Church in Sartell has adopted this cabin. It has been completed renovated in the last two years.
Hannah cabin was one of the first cabins built on the Island. We believe it was part of a kit purchased from a Sears Catalog. It has been adopted by Zion-Alexandria and the Enger family of Moorhead. It has been resided, received new windows and has other new equipment. It houses 12 campers and a counselor. Hannah
Lois Lois is a nice cabin right by the lake. As a matter of fact, the lapping of the water on the shore will put you to sleep most nights. It sleeps 12 campers and a counselor. Lois has been adopted by Immanuel Lutheran in Parkers Prairie. It is slated for additional work this spring and will be a great cabin by summer.
Ruth cabin was built in 1956, four years after the other cabins. It has room for 16 campers and a counselor. The cabin has two bathrooms and showers. It has been adopted by Grace Lutheran in Sebeka. They do a nice job on the cabin and are beginning to replace siding and some windows. Ruth


Sarah was also built in 1956. It too has 16 campers and one counselor. Sarah has been adopted by Good Shepherd Lutheran of Alexandria.

Miriam cabin has just recently been adopted by the good folks of Grace Lutheran in Becker. It was built in 1952 and has one of the nicest locations on camp. It houses 12 campers and a counselor. Miriam
Eunice Eunice has been adopted by Christ Lutheran in Wolf Lake for many years. They have decorated it like a country cottage with decorations inside, a flower garden outside, and lots of improvements throughout. They are one of our most dedicated groups for adopt-a-cabin and we appreciate all they do for the campers who use Eunice.
Martha is a cabin that has been used for about 5 years. It is open on a year round basis and can sleep up to 16 people. The JOY group from Trinity in Fergus Falls originally adopted this cabin and provided many of the furnishings and flowers around the outside. It has a kitchen and laundry, and a little more room. It is available for rental and self-directed programs. During the summer our female staff stays in Martha. Martha
Noah Unit Lodge Noah Unit Lodge is in the process of getting quite a makeover. It has new windows, new siding and will have the interior renovated by next summer. This cabin is often where the men's staff stays. It has a stove and refrigerator and a beautiful fireplace. Our goal is to have this cabin used more in the off-peak camping season. It has a beautiful view of the lake. This cabin is available for adoption.
First English Lutheran of Dorset near Park Rapids has adopted Elijah cabin and has been working hard to raise funds for new windows and other improvements. This cabin overlooks the lake and holds 12 campers and one counselor. It has a wonderful location. Elijah
Jonah Jonah cabin is also close to the lake. It has a great look-out constructed on the hillside just below the cabin. Jonah houses 12 cabins and one counselor. It is going to be completely renovated in the next couple of years with new windows and much more.St. John's Lutheranof Park Rapids has adopted Jonah cabin
The Josh Anderson Family of Henning has adopted Moses cabin. They have been working on improving the cabin for a couple of years now, usually sponsoring a breakfast at St. John's in Ottertail to raise funds for the improvements. Moses houses 12 campers and 1 counselor Moses
Daniel Daniel was adopted by St. Paul Lutheran of Henning almost four years ago. They've raised quite a bit of money and will be residing the cabin this next spring. Other improvements are on their way as well. Daniel is right on the edge of the lake and the woods and is a great cabin for 12 campers and 1 counselor.
Our Log Cabin has been adopted by St. Paul Lutheran of Evergreen-Frazee. They have done wonderful work in totally renovating the cabin. It has new flooring, a larger dining/living room, new shower and toilet, new water softner and water heater. This cabin is available year round for rental and self-directed programs. During the summer it is booked from June through August. It has a kitchen with stove, refrigerator, microwave and more. Log Cabin
Lakeside The Lakeside cabin was one of the original cabins that were here when the Island was purchased. It was traditionally the home of the lifeguard and maintenance man for many years. Today, volunteers stay in it. We are looking at a total renovation of the cabin including possibly moving it to a new and better location. It is available for adoption.
The Lydia Boat House is located right on the lake and used to be the site where campers fished and swam. We've totally revamped it to become a great place to relax and get away from it all while being right next to the lake.  PHOTO COMING OF LYDIA BOAT HOUSE
Retreat House The Retreat House has six bedrooms and can house from up to 24 people. It has two full bathrooms, a full-sized kitchen and dining room, a large living room and lots of space.The Retreat House is a great place to stay if you are looking at a self-directed time at camp. It has been adopted by congregations of the Fergus Falls circuit. It is scheduled to be reroofed and have new windows put in.