Employment Facts

A quick glimpse of Lutheran Island Camp and

Christ Serve Ranch.


Who are we?
Lutheran Island Camp is a 67-acre island owned by the Minnesota North District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. It is operated by Lutheran Island Camp, Incorporated. Christ Serve Ranch is a 275 acre ranch located 3 miles fromstate the Island. The property was purchased in 2011 and now is home for many of our programs including horseback riding, science, leadership, and adventure camps.
Who do we serve?
We serve the congregations of the Minnesota North District, North Dakota, South Dakota, and other congregations throughout the upper midwest. We are open to unchurched and those who would like to strengthen their faith. We are a mission serving all of God's people from a Biblical, Lutheran perspective.
When does summer camp start and end?
Our summer programs start the first week of June and go through August 20th. Staff may be asked to report earlier for training and some staff may leave before or after August 20th depending upon schedules and our need for staffing.
Where is Lutheran Island Camp located?
We are located in west-central Minnesota in Otter Tail County. We are in the heart of lake country with over 1,000 lakes within 45 minutes of the camp. Henning is located between Fergus Falls to the west and Wadena to the east.
What positions are available?
All counselors are program counselors, staying in cabins, tents, or tipis with campers. In addition there are positions in the kitchen, crafts, waterfront, horseback, and maintenance areas. We also hire at least one summer program dircctor and may have additional program staff for our  Environmental Learning Center.
Other information about Lutheran Island Camp:
We serve children and families during the summer. The children are as young as 3 years of age. Most range in age from 8-18. Youth can come for periods of time ranging from 1 day for our Explorer programs up to one full week for our Young Scientist programs. Most programs are 5 days long. Our 25-30 summer staff come from around the country. Most are college students with at least one year of college or work beyond high school. We also provide some program resources away from camp to congregations in Day Camp programs or Vacation Bible Schools. We provide both classic camps as well as horseback riding, fishing, and sports camps all with a Christian perspective.
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