New Bridges
Old Friends
In the late 1940's Pastor R.L. Bode and others had a vision that an Island in the middle of East Battle Lake would make a good place for children, families, the LLL, the LWML, and Walther League to be able to come and be refreshed through camping programs, workshops, conferences, and more. That vision led to the purchase of the Island in 1949 on a contract for deed. There were many naysayers who didn't believe God would use this pasture land for any good purpose; others were concerned about the cost; and still others assumed that the programs would never cover expenses.
RL Bode
But God blessed His people in very special ways; ways they couldn't have even thought of. He brought together hundreds of people who worked hard, raised money, built buildings, and volunteered as counselors, maintenance workers, builders, and bridge builders.
Today many of those same people, or their children and grandchildren are involved in building new programs and facilities! But the cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep is growing too!
That is why several years ago Reverend David Bode and his family came to camp and asked that a special endowment be established, the interest from which would help cover the cost of maintenance and upkeep. The Lutheran Island Camp Foundation agreed and moved forward with the R.L. Bode Endowment. They established a goal of raising $1 million dollars in the next 10 years.
Dave Bode Reverend David Bode
You can be a part of that effort by remembering the camp in your will; by naming the camp as a beneficiary or owner of a life insurance policy; and by working with our team of experts to develop an estate plan that will benefit you now, your family later, and the camp and other charities in the future.
We have a program called Under All That We Do which can help you.