Christ Serve Ranch
Christ Serve Ranch is located about 3 miles from Lutheran Island Camp. The property was purchased in December 2011 by a group of investors. Lutheran Island Camp now leases the property and will purchase it when enough money has been raised.
satellite of property
Plans call for many uses of Christ Serve Ranch. Foremost will be the development of the first Lutheran Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center in the nation.
Christ Serve Ranch has nearly 2200 feet of lake shore on a 375 acre lake.
Our horseback outreach programs are not at Christ Serve Ranch.
trail ride
How you can help develop Christ Serve Ranch:

 Make a sacrificial 3,5, or 10 year pledge to secure the financing that we need.

Tell others about Christ Serve Ranch and the great programs that are being held there.
Volunteer to work at the ranch, to host groups, to raise funds, or to lead youth in various adventure and creation-science camps.