to the
Creation-Science Environmental
Learning Center*
Lutheran Island Camp is developing the first in the country Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center. The C-SELC will be developed on a 275 acre piece of property call Christ Serve Ranch. If you would like more information about the Center, click here to download a brochure. If you would like to find out more about being a Genesis Donor, click here.
Volunteer Opportunities


Construct Observation decks Mow Lawns Develop Trails
Build and install docks Trap gophers Cut down & trim trees
Host tour groups Remove fences Prepare experiments
Guest Instructors Advisory Panel Drive bus
Routine Maintenance Photography Fundraising
Needs List
Binoculars Microscopes
Lumber 2x4s, 2x6s, outdoor plywood Lawn equipment
Furniture Tractor w/snowblower
Prairie grasses/flowers Canoe/Kayak/paddle boats
Animal skeletons/bones Animal collections
Flower collections Insect collections
4 wheeler snow mobile
Flashlights digital trail cameras
Prayer support

Pray that enough would be raised to purchase Christ Serve Ranch

Pray for schools and teachers who are finding waysto send children

Pray for Advisory Panel members

Prayers of Thanksgiving for the

funds that have already been raised

Pray for instructors Pray for volunteers
Give thanks to God for His creation.  
Young Scientist Teaching Creation-Science Photography Retreats
Bird Watching Creation Springs Forth Creation Falls Back
One day seminars College level programs Parents programs
Creation and Evangelism Apologetics World View
Learning from nature Biblical agriculture Understanding Biblical Geology
Financial Support

Pledge toward purchase

of Christ Serve Ranch

Include C-SELC and Lutheran Island Camp in your will
Provide a scholarship for a child to attend Young Scientist Camp $350 Include C-SELC as a beneficiary in Life insurance
Sponsor a trail or observation site $5,000 Make an unrestricted gift