Spring Programs from
March 1-May 31, 2016

March 2015

6-7                  Confirmation Retreat (This Retreat is Full)

10-15               Spring Crafters Retreat          

13-14                   Confirmation Retreat (This event is nearly Full)

14-15               PALs

20-22               Christ Serve Leadership Training

20-22               Youth Retreat Availability

20-22               Confirmation Retreat Full Weekend

20-22               Middle School Retreat (12-14 years old)

27-29               Marriage Retreat

April 2015

5                      Easter

7-12                Spring Crafters Retreat

10-11               Confirmation Retreat

10-12               Youth and Family Retreat Availability

17-18               Youth Leaders Conference             

24-26              Women’s Retreat



1-3            Spring Clean-up weekend

1-2              PALs 

8-10            Youth and Family Retreat Availability

15-17           Youth and Family Retreat Availability

22-25           Holiday Family Weekend



Spring is a beautiful time of the year at the Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch.  As the sun begins to bring its warmth north, the ice begins to soften, then disappear. The trees begin to breath in fresh spring air through budding leaves, exhaling a new, fresh air that makes a walk around the Island or Ranch a must. Animals begin to scurry about seeking food and mates, carrying for newborn babies, and preparing new homes. Birds begin to arrive, make nests, and repopulate the skies with an abundance of color and sound. Green becomes the dominant color, replacing the browns that had been hidden by snow for 5 months.  This year we'll be using Christ Serve Ranch as well as Lutheran Island Camp. 

Yes, Spring is a great time to visit the Island if only to observe God’s Creation. But we have much more to offer.  Our programs are Biblically based, strong in content, and interesting for all ages. We provide packages for groups of all sizes as well as opportunities for individuals and families.  Our guests include men’s groups, women’s groups, families, youth groups, and congregations looking for planning help. We also offer marriage programs, confirmation retreats, and so much more.


Come to the Island in the Spring of 2015. It will be a visit you will grow from.