Volunteering at the Island
We love our volunteers! For our 55-year history volunteers have been an important part of what makes Lutheran Island Camp successful. We welcome volunteers of all ages; volunteers who come to camp; volunteers who help out in their congregation; and volunteers who pray.
Listed below are some of the volunteer programs and opportunities that we have at camp.
Program   Description   Needs
Prayer Warriors   Prayer Warriors volunteer to keep Lutheran Island Camp in their daily prayers and to pray specifically for individuals, needs, and issues facing camp.   We need someone to help coordinate and communicate with our prayer warriors
Camp Ambassadors   A Camp Ambassador represents Lutheran Island Camp in their local congregation. They help us promote camp, support our Island Camp Jamborees, and share with us the needs of their congregation.   At least one ambassador for each congregation. E-mail info@islandcamp.org for more information.
Teen Servants   Teens 15 years of age and older (14 if they have gone through Christ Serve Leadership training) are invited to participate as junior counselors and as teen servants. Junior Counselors focus their volunteer time on program support and may help at camp or in our off-camp Day Camp program. Servants with a Task support camp by helping in the kitchen, canteen, maintenance, or in our horse and creation-science programs.  

5-10 each week and weekend during the summer and some on weekends during retreat season. Click for application


Clean Hearts/Dirty Hands   These are volunteers who help our maintenance department and our horse outreach program. Volunteers come out for a day, a week, a month or more. Most have specific skills such as plumbing, electrical, construction, or equipment operation.   Please call our maintenance director for upcoming opportunities. Current projects include woodcutting and splitting. Call Marvin at 218-583-1033
Servant Events   Youth Groups, families, young adults, and individuals can come to camp for a week or weekend to work on specific projects. Cost of camp is reduced for these events.   See our summer 2020 schedule for availability.
Pastor of the Week   Pastors and DCEs who come to camp for a week at a time.   Please call the director for availability.
Program Volunteers   Program volunteers include nurses, recreation leaders, presenters and others who have a desire to support the various programs of the camp.   Nurses for summer camp weeks (one per week). We also need fishing guides for our Big Fish Camps and Intermediate fishing camp. Drama, music, performance. Guitar, piano, other music instruments. We are also looking for hosts for weekend retreats. E-mail info@islandcamp.org
Governance   We have many volunteers who serve on our board, committees, and task forces. All of our board members are volunteers who serve with no reimbursement from camp. Committee members generally serve on committees that have a longer term assignment. Included can be our board committees, fundraising and capital campaign, and our creation-science/Christ Serve Ranch advisory panel. Task force usually are for a short term and focused on a particular project   Please contact the director. We are looking for committee members for Christ Serve Ranch, the capital campaign, building committee, and a task force for our Equine College. E-mail licdirector@islandcamp.org
Office   Help with mailings, filing, answering the phone, making phone calls and other office support.   We have mailings coming up in March and smaller mailings almost every week. We would welcome someone to help with answering phones after 3:30 PM. E-mail info@islandcamp.org