Under All That We Do is a stewardship program that works with people to help them understand how they can actually increase their income and decrease their taxes by doing what God expects them to do with the blessings He has given them. 


The program looks at the blessings of God in 7 different categories:




Our Faith: "I believe..." with millions of other Christians, we step boldly forth and let people know what it is that we believe. We express those beliefs in our creeds and confessions, in our traditions, and in our daily lives through our family, friends, and people with whom we work.




Our Church: For many of us, our church is important to us. We have supported it with our gifts of time, talent, and treasure. The question is how to continue that support during a protracted illness and after death.




Our Community: It is often the place that we grew up and grew old in. It has changed over the years and so has our commitment to it. But if these communities are to survive as God's gifts to the next generation, we must provide the support for them to grow.




Our Family and Friends: Who will show up at your funeral? These too are the gift of God. How do you treat them? How do you care for them? How do you nourish them?




Our Future: God promises us a "hope and a future" but what is our responsibility with this gift? Planning for this future is important in the preservation of many of the other gifts God gives us.




Our Property: It is the most tangible of God's gifts and for many of us is a challenge to manage, to pass on, and to utilize for God's purposes. Appreciated property provides an excellent tool to achieve God's plans.




Our Legacy: What will our children and their children say of us? It is only important if it is our desire that they join us in heaven. Will our legacy be a banquet table reunion? How do we say to the next generation jus how important our faith is.

A New Way of Thinking....

A New Way of Giving.

Funding provided for this program by: Thrivent Financial for Lutherans