Health Screening

The safety and health of campers and staff has always been the highest priority for Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. Because residential camping brings children into close proximity, we have a long history of successfully planning for and managing communicable diseases. With the potential spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) within the United States and in Minnesota in particular, the Lutheran Island Camp Board of Directors and Staff are reviewing and updating our health-related plans and procedures and desire to communicate those plans and procedures with our camp families and staff members. We are working with our partners including local healthcare providers, the CCCA, and the Minnesota Department of Health to make sure that we do everything possible to keep children, families, and staff safe during their stay at Lutheran Island Camp.

Health Screening Procedures

Step 1: Self Screening.

If you have been exposed to coronavirus or influenza please call us for direction. You should follow your physicians direction about self-quarantine.   We will work with you for a refund or to reschedule. It you are sick with cold or flu symptoms, for the protection of others please do not come to camp.  

If you are considered at high risk for serious illness from the virus, please consider postponing your visit to camp during this time. Please review and follow CDC recommendations.

If you are attending from an area of the country or Minnesota that has risk of exposure please consider schedule another event once the danger has passed.

Part 2: Camp Screening

All participants in our regular program will be expected to provide a current (within 6 months) health form available on our website. This form will be updated to reflect the current situation. Upon arrival at camp, each camper’s family will need to assert that their camper has not been exposed in the previous 14 days, that they area they are coming from an area that is not a current hotspot for Covid-19.

Upon arrival the camper will be screened by a senior staff member or nurse. A temperature scan will be conducted when advisable.

Part 3: Illness while at camp.

We are currently developing procedures to address anyone developing symptoms of the Coronavirus while at Camp.