At Christ Serve Ranch

The planned Mult-purpose Building at Christ Serve Ranch will have a large indoor arena, stables, classrooms, an exhibition hall, a kitchen and offices

The new Science and Environmental Learning Center will be attached to the Multi-Purpose Building to provide efficiencies and multi-use capabilities.

The Science and Environmental Learning Center will be block construction with the most up to date furnishings, fixtures and equipment.

The interior of the Science and Environmental Learning Center will provide comfort, utility, and fexibility for multiple uses.

There will be plenty of room for exhibits, training sessions, conferences and workshops utilizing classrooms and open concept spaces.

A RV Park will be developed that will have 20 sites for volunteers, program participants, and adjunct instructors.


God created dinosaurs, not millions of years ago, but thousands. This Dinosaur Park will teach from a Biblical Worldview.


Many children don't understand where their food comes from. Farming was the first occupation that God gave mankind. This Farmsite will give a new generation a sense of what early farming was like in our region.


The Prairie Restoration project has now been completed. About 40 acres was converted into prairie. We thank our donors for their wonderful support of this project. We also very much appreciate funding that we recieved from various state and federal agencies.


The Treehouse Village will be a unique housing alternative for campers attending our Outdoor Education programs.