Congregation Training Schedule

Each congregation is asked to be represented by their pastor and 2-4 or more lay people to receive information about the Building New Bridges campaign for Lutheran Island Camp and resources to enable their congregation members to participate. Choose the training meeting that is most convenient for you. Please call Lutheran Island Camp at 218-583-2905 if you have any questions.

Additional training sessions will be scheduled.

 Click here to download our campaign video

Click here to e-mail an order form for materials to the campaign office.

Download the Building New Bridges Brochure 

Download the response piece.

Download the Congregation Manual (Tool Kit) Coming soon

Order Form and Checklists:

            Order form (doc.)

            Order form (PDF)

            Checklist (doc.)

            Checklist (PDF)

            Goal Setting (doc)

            Goal Setting (PDF)

Letters, announcements and articles:

            Letter Number 1 (doc)

            Letter Number 1 (PDF)

            Letter Number 2 (doc)

            Letter Number 2 (PDF)

            Builletin Announcements and Newsletter Article (doc)

            Bulletin Announcements and Newsletter Article (PDF)

           Minuteman Talks (doc)

           Minuteman Talks (PDF)

           Building New Bridges Bible Study (doc)

          Building New Bridges Bible Study (PDF)

          Building New Bridges Sermon (doc)

          Building New Bridges Sermon (PDF)

          Building New Bridges Illustrations (doc)

          Buildin New Bridges Illustrations (PDF)

      Logos, photos, and thermometers:

Click here to download a PDF of this thermometer.

Congregations have permission to copy and use these Building New Bridges images. If you need it in a different format, please contact us.