Endowment and Legacy Giving



It is a new bridge for Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch, but it is essential for the future. The Camp is committed to a balanced funding model that features endowment income to help maintain the facilities (R.L.Bode Endowment) and provide camperships for children (Tommy Shult Endowment) who can’t afford to come to camp and other legacy gifts to support our debt retirement, Christ Serve Academy, and other program expenses. Additional endowments may be established. They must meet specific guidelines established by the Lutheran Island Camp Foundation.

The camp currently relies heavily on annual gifts to fund our operations. We know that in the long term we cannot continue to have as much as 50% of our budget come from that source. An endowment presents the greatest opportunity for growth and the long term financial stability of Lutheran Island Camp. It also provides a wonderful way for our current donors to extend their support well into the future, even after they have been called home to their Lord.

Lutheran Island Camp has been blessed through the years with legacy and bequest gifts from our faithful supporters. The Building New Bridges campaign emphasizes the importance of such gifts and encourages others to look at how they may support the camp through their wills and bequests, through charitable annuities, and through life insurance and other means.

The endowed funds are invested to manage risk, achieve reliable returns, and to grow over time. A healthy and growing endowment fund, along with an increase in bequests, are essential to assure that the growth and advancement of our programs and facilities will be sustained.

This effort will also allow us to eliminate both our operational and long term debt. The board of directors has established a policy that 50% of any unrestricted legacy or planned gifts will be used to pay down existing debt with the remaining going to endowments and operations equally.