Annual Support



Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch have been blessed with ongoing gifts that come from individuals, congregations, and organizations. In addition, donors support us through such annual efforts as our Quilt Auction and Shoes for the Mission. At present, these gifts provide 45-50% of the revenue necessary to provide camp programs and maintain its facilities. We have set a goal of $3 million for our annual support and program support. This is an increase of nearly $1 million over what we normally would raise in a 5 year period. Our supporters are generous in their support of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch because they want the camp to provide quality, Christ-centered programs that benefit the whole church. Donor support has been a solid bridge for the camp.

Through Building New Bridges, Lutheran Island Camp will build new bridges to additional congregational support. We will expand and grow our donor base of individuals and families. We will work with organizations to maximize their support.

Lutheran Island Camp will also build new bridges to other like-minded organizations, foundations, and denominations to establish support for the new programs through Christ Serve Ranch.

Annual Support and Program gifts to Lutheran Island Camp will provide the revenue that supports, sustains, and grows the programs in these key areas:

• Provide stewardship of the wonderful facilities God has given us through maintenance of the property and buildings and the equipment and resources we use.

• Continue and grow the programs and services that we provide the church at large and in particular the LCMS congregations and families we serve.

• Continue and grow the generous support of keeping registration costs as low as possible.

• Support our staff with sufficient compensation, benefits, and adequate staffing to accomplish the mission of the camp.

• Continue the outreach through our equine programs, Day Camps and offsite VBS programs.