Sunday School Projects


Each year Sunday Schools throughout Minnesota select Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch for support. Often the children are excited to raise money for a  place that they know and love. If there is anything we can do to help your Sunday School have a successful experience in raising funds for your project, please let us know. Here are some projects for you to consider:


Shoes for the Mission program- We encourage every Sunday School to collect used  shoes, sneakers, and athletic shoes. Lutheran Island Camp receives 40 cents for each pound of shoes. The shoes are then reconditioned and distributed to third world countries. It's a great project, especially in the fall of the year when families are buying new shoes.


Paddle pontoon: Join with other Sunday Schools to help us purchase this Aqua Cycle. Total cost is about $3000, but if 6 Sunday Schools can each raise $500 we would have it.  
  Kayaks: We'd like to add a few kayaks that we can use at Christ Serve Ranch. Each will be about $300.
 Life jackets: Each year we need to upgrade our lifejackets. This year we will need about 20 new ones at a cost of $30 a piece.  
  Trees: We want to add new trees throughout the Island and at Christ Serve Ranch. Each tree will run about $150 to $250 to purchase and plant.

All Terrain Bikes: We need 15-20 bikes  at a cost of about $400 each. Total will be $6,000-$8,000.  We will also need about 25 helmets at a cost of $50 each. Total cost $1,250. Total project cost is $7,250.

But your Sunday School can raise enough for us to buy at least 1 bike!

  Adopt a Horse for a year. Your gift of $500 will provide hay, hoof care and more for one of our horses. If you adopt one of our 4 bred mares, you can help us name the foal next spring.
Adopt an exhibit   See the list below

On-line Camera system:  Help us finish off our camera system at Christ Serve Ranch. We only have about $2000 left to go.

Your Sunday School can take on this project and we have donors who will match dollar for dollar.

This project is now funded. Thank you!



Help support one of the Exhibits at Christ Serve Ranch

Your Sunday School can help with the development of one of the many exhibits that our Science Center will be having throughout Christ Serve Ranch.  Support includes purchase of signs ($200), preparing the site ($100-$500), purchasing equipment if needed, and a bench or seating ($100-$300).

Beaver Lodge observation area: This will cost about $1000 for materials. We do have a match of $1 for each $1 raised by a Sunday School  
  The Grape Tree is an example of God's gifts to us. This magnificent legacy vine is many years old and has a trunk that is about 4 inches thick.
The Woodpecker Tree will show how the woodpecker is one of God's wonderful creations that simply could not have evolved. There are at least 7 different varieties of woodpeckers at Christ Serve Ranch.  
  Honey bee exhibit will join Christ Serve Ranch in the spring of 2014. We need to purchase a bee hive or two along with equipment. We think it will cost us about $500 to get it ready to go.