Capital and Acquisitions


Capital Construction and Acquisitions

Our campers are changing and so is the society we live in. We need to update and modernize our buildings so that our campers have safe and efficient facilities. As we offer more family and adult programs, there is a desire for more privacy and accessibility. As Christ Serve Ranch and Christ Serve Academy continue expand programs and services there is a need to build structures that meet multiple programming and participant needs as well as provide quality resources for education, science, the environment, and leadership. To achieve these improvements we have set a preliminary goal of $4 Million.

Capital Construction

Lutheran Island Camp:

  • Welcome Center connecting Chapel and Education and Retreat Center
  • New Kitchen
  • New Dining Room
  • Complete the renovation of Education and Retreat Center (future)
  • Complete renovation of all cabins
  • Add an Adult and Family sleeping quarters (future)


Christ Serve Ranch:

  • Multi-purpose building
  • Science and Environmental Learning Interpretive Center (phase 1)
  • RV Park
  • Exhibits and features