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Letter from Lutheran Island Camp Staff and Board of Directors:

An Amazing Day

September 28, 2018


Dear Friends and Family of Lutheran Island Camp,

We have been celebrating our Amazing Day event each October for almost 8 years and during that time we have heard some wonderful stories about amazing days that our campers, staff members, board members, pastors and other church workers have had here at Lutheran Island Camp or at Christ Serve Ranch. We expect that 2018 will be just as amazing as we hear from you again.  God has blessed us through you, with stories of inspiration, romance, decision making, a call into the ministry, comfort, joy, renewal, and delight as He works through your lives while you are here at camp.

Recently we have held a couple of events during which several people shared their stories. We listened as our dear friend, Virginia Ansorge, shared her thoughts and remembrances of 65 years of involvement with Lutheran Island Camp. And we heard two young campers tell of their first summer here at camp. We find that a common thread in many of the stories is the causeway, the bridge that was built back in 1949-50 that provides access to the 67 acre Island.  That gentle rumble that you hear as you drive between the two bodies of water seems to evoke a joy and sense of peace that is pervasive with most people coming back to camp.

As many of you know, we are in the process of Building New Bridges here at Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. No, we are not building new physical bridges. These bridges are more symbolic in nature, but they are important to our future, just as the original bridge (the causeway) was critical to the future of Lutheran Island Camp back in 1950.

Our bridges that we are building today will provide us with renovated and new facilities including a new dining hall, kitchen, and link between the ERC and the chapel. The new bridges include a multipurpose building and an interpretive center, new exhibits, and completing the renovation of our cabins.

The new bridges include increasing our annual and program support by $1million dollars over the next 5 years. This will allow us to continue supporting and improving our staff, adding new and innovative programs, and reaching out to a larger area to serve the needs of the church. It means that our science and environmental programs will continue to grow and be taught from a Lutheran, Christian, Biblical worldview. It will also allow us to move forward with our new efforts to work with people with disabilities.

We also will be building new bridges made up of legacy gifts and bequests, of endowment funds, life insurance, annuities, and special funds. These new bridges will ensure the financial stability of the camp and will assure that we can continue to provide camperships, maintain our facilities, and have safe equipment and vehicles for generations to come.

First of all and most importantly, we ask that you would pray for your Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. Pray for our board of directors, the staff, the campers, and all those we serve. Ask God to lift up volunteers, donors, and prayer warriors.

Second, we ask that you would praise God for the blessings of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch by sharing your Amazing Day stories of how God used Lutheran Island Camp, its programs, staff, and facilities to impact your life. You can share that in writing, by e-mail, and by stopping in to say “hi”.

Finally, as we begin to build the new bridges that will lead to our future, we ask that you would prayerfully consider a gift of time, talent or treasure to help us move forward.  Your gifts will be used to keep our rates low, to make sure we have safe equipment and vehicles, and to help us move forward with new facilities.

There have been some Amazing Day experiences throughout the last 66 years. With your help there will be many more in the coming year.

God bless.

In Christ,


Kenneth W. Erlandson

Executive Director



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Bulletin Inserts:

Lutheran Island Camp has asked that the 28th  of October be set aside by our congregation and families as an Amazing Day during which we will pray, praise, and give thanksgiving for Lutheran Island Camp. To find out more about how you can participate, go to the camp’s website. On the homepage is a link for the Amazing Day Effort

Amazing Day Effort

Bulletin Inserts

Sunday, October 7th

Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch are very special places in our district. Lutheran Island Camp has been providing Christ-centered programs to congregations, families, and individuals for 66years. The Amazing Day Effort celebrates God’s gift to us through prayer, praise and thanksgiving. For more information please visit the camp’s website. Our congregation will be participating on October 28th with prayer and praise as we hear from some of our members who have been to camp.

Sunday, October 14th

October has been set aside by Lutheran Island Camp as a time for the Lutheran Island Camp family of congregations, families, and individuals to participate in the Amazing Day Effort. The camp has provided many Amazing Days for families and children for 63 years. We encourage you to remember the camp in your prayers and to share your thoughts and memories with other campers and with our congregation. Sunday, October 28th we will be remembering the camp with prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 21st

Do you have a special memory of time at Lutheran Island Camp? We would like you to share it with our congregation next week. We will be participating in the Lutheran Island Camp Amazing Day Effort celebrating the gifts of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. We will be praying for the camp, its staff, board and campers and sharing memories of camp.  We also encourage those of you who wish to financially support the camp to do so through gifts on-line, directly, or through our congregation’s door offering.

Sunday, October 28th

Today is the Lutheran Island Camp Amazing Day Effort in our congregation. We will be remembering the camp, its programs, staff, and campers in our prayers today. We will also take a few moments for any of our members who would like to share a special memory about camp to do so. If you would like to support camp financially, you can do so by going to the website and making an on-line donation or by sending it to the camp directly or by participating in our door offering today.

Sunday, November 4th

Praise God! Last Sunday was the Amazing Day Effort throughout the Lutheran Island Camp family. Thousands of people joined in praying, given praise, and giving thanks for the gifts of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. As a congregation, we prayed, we heard stories about Lutheran Island Camp and many members of our congregation supported the camp with their gifts. Over $XXX (amount will be posted on our website) was given as a part of the effort.


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