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Letter from Lutheran Island Camp Staff and Board of Directors:

An Amazing Day

October, 2019

Dear Friends in Christ!

For nine years Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch has been celebrating the Amazing Days that our campers have. We use October to encourage parents, grandparents, congregations, organizations, and our wonderful donors and volunteers to let us know just how important Lutheran Island Camp and our programs and services are to them. Please take this opportunity to hear about the Amazing Days that those we serve have had this past year.

It was an Amazing Day for sixteen year old Jacob when he visited Christ Serve Ranch for the first time. Jacob is on the autism spectrum and for him certain things have a negative impact. Not his time with the horses at the Ranch. The horses provide excellent experiences for many children with disabilities. As we move forward in 2020, more children with disabilities will be served through our Equine College as a result of grants from several foundations and a number of families who have decided this is an important way to serve.

“Amazing Day” doesn’t even begin to describe the joy that our dear friend, Betty Wagner experienced on January 3 of this year. After many years of faithfulness as a child of God, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Betty was called home to be with Jesus. Betty was one of the very first people to come to camp back in 1950 and continued throughout the 67 year history of camp. She wasn’t the only one of our friends who experienced the joy of heaven.  A little over a year ago, a 28 year old man, Davin Bauck, from Perham, MN also experienced an Amazing Day as he unexpectedly was called home. His family decided to honor his love of science and religion by providing $70,000 toward the new multi-purpose building at Christ Serve Ranch. Their gift will provide many special days for children, families, congregations, veterans, and those who want to learn more about their Creator God. Late last fall we also said goodbye to our dear friend David Nelson who has been a faithful prayer warrior, donor, and volunteer. His wife and daughters continue to serve and share so that others may experience Amazing Days.

Well over 300 campers experienced their first trip to Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch this year. Each one of them had a unique experience whether for a weeklong camp or a weekend event. God planted seeds in their hearts that will grow through continued study, through church services they attend, and through the prayers that you lift up on their behalf. We know that many of them will be back next year because your gifts kept the rates low enough or they received a campership.

God blessed our 2019 Quilt Auction with beautiful weather, a great crowd, and some of the most beautiful quilts we’ve ever had. We raised over $40,000 on the quilts auctioned. However, we celebrated an Amazing Day for Virginia Ansorge who has enjoyed 100 years of life. Virginia provided a beautiful quilt which was “sold” in shares. That quilt provided an additional $37,000 directed toward construction at Christ Serve Ranch.

On September 8th many of our donors and volunteers as well as pastors from around the district celebrated the public launch of the Building New Bridges comprehensive campaign. This effort will raise $11 million over the next several years. The campaign chairs, Rev. Kirk and Karen Lee and Allen and JoNette Brogaard, recently announced that we have already raised $6.2 million. Praise God. The campaign will raise $4 million for Capital Construction, $3 million for Annual Support and Programs, and $4 million for Endowments and Legacy Gifts.

As you can see, Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch has experienced some Amazing Days during 2019. It is important that those days continue as we move forward to provide services to new guests, clients, and constituencies.  It will take all of us to make sure that we continue to serve people for the next generations.

We invite you to be a part of the Amazing Day campaign in 2019. First and most importantly we ask that you become a prayer warrior for Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. Pray for guidance and direction for our board of directors. Pray for strength for our staff. Pray for our campers. And, pray for direction as to how you can become involved.

We also ask for you financial support now and in the coming Building New Bridges campaign. We have set a goal of at least $50,000 in the next month to help us keep our rates low, to provide assistance to campers, and to help us reach out to new campers.

Finally, if you are able, we would love to have you volunteer time at camp. We have many needs. Please visit our website or use the enclosed response piece to let us know what you would like to do to help us.

May God bless and keep you!


The Staff of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch

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Bulletin Inserts:


Amazing Day Effort

Sunday, October 13th

Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch are very special places in our district. Lutheran Island Camp has been providing Christ-centered programs to congregations, families, and individuals for 67 years. The Amazing Day Effort celebrates God’s gift to us through prayer, praise and thanksgiving. For more information please visit the camp’s website. Our congregation will be participating on November 3rd with prayer and praise as we hear from some of our members who have been to camp.

Sunday, October 20th

October has been set aside by Lutheran Island Camp as a time for the Lutheran Island Camp family of congregations, families, and individuals to participate in the Amazing Day Effort. The camp has provided many Amazing Days for families and children for 63 years. We encourage you to remember the camp in your prayers and to share your thoughts and memories with other campers and with our congregation. Sunday, November 3rd  we will be remembering the camp with prayer, praise and thanksgiving.

Sunday, October 27th

Do you have a special memory of time at Lutheran Island Camp? We would like you to share it with our congregation next week. We will be participating in the Lutheran Island Camp Amazing Day Effort celebrating the gifts of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. We will be praying for the camp, its staff, board and campers and sharing memories of camp.  We also encourage those of you who wish to financially support the camp to do so through gifts on-line, directly, or through our congregation’s door offering.

Sunday, November 3rd

Today is the Lutheran Island Camp Amazing Day Effort in our congregation. We will be remembering the camp, its programs, staff, and campers in our prayers today. We will also take a few moments for any of our members who would like to share a special memory about camp to do so. If you would like to support camp financially, you can do so by going to the website and making an on-line donation or by sending it to the camp directly or by participating in our door offering today.

Sunday, November 10th

Praise God! Last Sunday was the Amazing Day Effort throughout the Lutheran Island Camp family. Thousands of people joined in praying, given praise, and giving thanks for the gifts of Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch. As a congregation, we prayed, we heard stories about Lutheran Island Camp and many members of our congregation supported the camp with their gifts. Over $XXX (amount will be posted on our website) was given as a part of the effort.


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