Quilts A1-A15

Quilts A1-A15

We want to thank the generous donors of quilts for our 2014 Auction. We have tried very hard to present them accurately and with descriptions provided by the donors whenever possible.  Please let other people know about the upcoming auction.



Website # A1

Donor: St. Mark's Ladies - Benson

Pattern: Star Wars  Size: 60 X 76

Star Wars Panel. Front Black with Star Wars Panel Back: Black. Other Information: Hand Tied 


Website # A2

Donor: Traci Lafrentz - St. Joseph

Pattern: Ragtime Prayer Quilt  Size: 63 X 63

. Front Blue Prints with Prayer Back: Blue Prints with Prayer. Other Information:  


Website # A3

Donor: St. Paul's Lutheran - Hinckley

Pattern: Star Quilt  Size: 60 X 85

. Front Red, White, Blues Back: Cream with Paisley border. Other Information: Machine Quilted  Sewn by Dorothy Markling


Website # A4

Donor: Trinity Lutheran Church - Lake George

Pattern: Bird Panels  Size: 80 X 90

. Front Earth Tones Back: White. Other Information: Machine Quilted, sewn by Marily Falk  15 hours and $135 in materials


Website # A5

Donor: Ruth Rosenberg

Pattern: Blocks  Size: 39 X 48

Jungle Animals. Front  Back: Cream colored flannel. Other Information: Machine Quilted  6 hours and $20 in materials


Website # A6

Donor: Ruth Rosenberg

Pattern: Virginia Fireflies (by Bloom Creek)  Size: 90 X 90

Scrappy Fabrics. Front Golds, Greens,Navy, and Cranberry Back: Dark Green Batik. Other Information: Machine Quilted Maple Leaf pattern  40 hours and $150 in materials


Website # A7

Donor: Trinity Lutheran Women-Carlos

Pattern: Country Log Cabin  Size: 86 X 95

. Front Greens Back: Dark Green Print. Other Information: Tied


Website # A8

Donor: St. Johns Ladies Aid Green Meadow Township

Pattern: Blocks and Rectangles  Size: 91 X 66

. Front: Yellows Back: Light Green Floral. Other Information: Tied


Website # A9

Donor: Zion Lutheran Quilters - Alexandria

Pattern: Yellow Brick Road  Size: 66 X 75

. Front: Greens and Peaches Back: Green. Other Information: Machine Quilted


Website # A10

Donor: Zion Lutheran Quilters - Alexandria

Pattern: Red Work  Size: 63 X 63

. Front: Red with Green Trim Back: Red Print. Other Information: Machine Quilted  Hand embroidered

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Website # A11

Donor: Trinity Lutheran - Holloway

Pattern: Blocks  Size: 83 X 62

. Front: Prints and Solids Back: Plaid in autumn colors. Other Information: Tied


Website # A12

Donor: Diane Germalus - Detroit Lakes

Pattern: Norman R visits Fish Camp  Size: 54 X 66

. Front: Norman Rockwell Panel with Fishing Equipment Back: Tackle Box/Fishing poles. Other Information: Machine Quilted

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Website # A13

Donor: Zion Lutheran Crosby

Pattern: Teddy Bears on Parade  Size: 52 X 71

. Front: Bears and Bunnies with Blue Stripe Border Back: Blue Stripe. Other Information: Hand Tied  Matching Funds - Thrivent


Website # A14

Donor: Jan Bunkowski - Vergas

Pattern: A Step in Time  Size: 44 X 48

Crib Quilt. Front: Varigated Pastel Colors Back: Gold Flannel. Other Information: Machine Quilted 



Website # A15

Donor: Trinity Lutheran Isle

Pattern: Blocks  Size: 80 X 60

. Front: Various Prints Back: Light Rose and Prints. Other Information: Tied

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