Voyageur Camps (12-14 year olds)

Many of the following camps are available for two or more age groups. Whenever possible campers will be housed with children in the following way. Trailblazers – 7-9 and 9-11; Voyageurs 12-14; Teen Trek 14 and older. While some camps offered have the same names, different age groups may have age distinguished activities.   Visit our website for more complete description of activities and schedule. Parents, we love to have you visit or even attend camp with your child. Please call us to visit about how that can work for you and your child. Background checks may be required.

Please note that check-in times for all events begin at 3:00 pm unless noted on the program description.  Check out is after the ice cream social (9:30 am) and closing worship (10:00 am). Be sure that you check out with your counselor.

Trailblazer/Voyageur Night Owl Camp

Some children are just made to be night owls. This will be the camp for them as we shift the schedules by 6 hours and they stay up until 3:00 am. Breakfast will be served at noon. Some new, nighttime activities will provide our night owls with some fun and adventure.

Age: Trailblazer (7-11) and Voyageur (12-14)

Date: June 10-15

Rate: $290

Deposit: $75

Trailblazer/Voyageur Splash Camp

There is nothing like being at Splash Camp on a hot summer day! We offer campers lots of summer water fun, including plenty of time at the beach, a giant slip-n-slide, kayaking, canoeing, water volleyball and basketball, singing around the campfire and great evening activities. This is also the week of the annual Lutheran Island Camp Water Championships.

Ages: Trailblazer (7-11) and Voyageur (12-14)

Date: # 1-July 15-20  

Rate: $360

Deposit: $75

Trailblazer/Voyageur Classic Camp

This is the way camp has been for three generations and we've set aside some of the best weeks of the summer for them. It is based on kids having lots of fun doing many different activities. The list of things to do includes: archery, basketball, softball, disc golf, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, volleyball, and more. Classic Camps include a great Bible Study, sing-a-longs, devotions, cookouts, skit night, canteen, and crafts. Horseback riding will be an option available for campers. The Biggest is a special celebration with big events, big activities, and big treats. Check our website for an expanded list of activities.

Ages: Trailblazer (7-11) and Voyageur (12-14)

Dates and Rates: #1-June 17-22($290); #2 June 24-29 ($310); # 3-July 22-27 “The Biggest” ($365); # 4-August 5-10 ($290).

Deposit: $75

Voyageur/Teen Trek Big Fish Camp

You'll have some great fishing stories to tell after this week! Each year we catch large Northern, several 4 lb. and better bass, walleye, giant crappies, and a couple of nice Muskies. We expect you to know fishing, be willing to learn more, and bring your own equipment.  We have instituted some new safety policies and procedures and there will be a limit of 12 campers each week unless additional volunteers and boats become available.

Ages: Voyageur (12-14) Teen Trek (14-18) 

Dates and Rate: June 10-15. $400 

Deposit: $100

Voyageur/Teen Trek Paintball Weekend

Enjoy a weekend of fast-paced action and strategy as we take to the woods for a weekend of paintballing! Participants will have the opportunity to learn about paintball equipment and strategy and experience a variety of paintball games. Camp will provide all equipment and paint, but participants can bring their own if they would like.

Ages: Voyageur (12-14) Teen Trek (14-18)

Dates and Rate: June 22-24, $125

Deposit: $25

Voyageur/Teen Trek Survivor Crow Wing River Trip

A great adventure for youth who want the opportunity to try out their kayaking skills on one of the most beautiful rivers in Minnesota. The Crow Wing River Trip provides a great time of fishing, camping, and outdoor fun. Participants will arrive at the Island on Sunday, leave Monday morning for the river and return to camp on Thursday. 

Ages: Voyageur (12-14) Teen Trek (14-18) 

Dates and Rate: July 8-13 $385

Deposit: $75

Voyageur/Teen Trek Performing Arts Camp

Whether you want to be an actor, a comedian, a vocalist, a musician or someone who works behind the scenes you'll want to join us for our Performing Arts Camp.  By the end of the week, you’ll perform in a variety show that will highlight each of your God given talents. And don't forget all of the other great camp activities available at the Island.

Ages: Voyageur (12-14) Teen Trek (14-18) 

Dates and Cost: July 22-27.  $385

Deposit: $75

Tenderfoot Horse Camp

This is one of the best experiences that you can have at camp! Learn how to ride, groom, and feed a horse. By the end of the week, you'll be able to saddle your own horse; take it out on a nice trail ride, and perhaps do a few games on horseback. You'll wish the week would never end!    

Ages: Trailblazer (10-11) and Voyageur (12-14)

Dates and Cost: # 1 June 17-22, # 2- June 24-29, # 3-July 15-20, # 4 July 22-27, # 5-August 5-10, # 6 August 12-17 $465   

Deposit: $100

Wrangler Horse Camp

Those campers with a little more riding experience will want to take advantage of this week! Wrangler Horse camp offers more time in the saddle than the Tenderfoot version, plus you ride on more advanced trails and experience what you and a good horse can do with some gaming.   

Ages: Voyageur (12-14) and Teen Trek (14-18)

Dates and Cost: # 1 June 10-15, # 2- June 17-22, # 3-June 24-29, #4 July 15-20, # 5-July 22-27, #6 August 5-10 $465

Deposit: $100

Wrangler Horse Camp Weekend

Those campers with a little more riding experience who are not able to make it out for a full week will want to take advantage of this weekend! Wrangler Horse camp offers more advanced trails and experience what you and a good horse can do with some gaming, packing as much riding into the weekend as possible!

Dates and Rate: June 13-15 $180

Ages: Voyageur (12-14) Teen Trek (14-18).

Christ ServeSM Leadership Training Camp

Christ Serve Leadership Training provides youth with a unique opportunity to be trained in leadership skills, then put those skills into practice. Young people who would like to someday be on staff at Lutheran Island Camp or who desire to be Teen Servants/Junior Counselors should attend this program. We seek to identify, inspire, develop, and train young leaders for life-long service in the church and in their communities. Some of the program will be done in our Equine College and at Christ Serve Ranch.

Ages: Teen Trek (14 and older)

Dates and Cost: June 10-15 $250.

Deposit: $75

Active Christian Teens Retreat

One of the best things a congregation can do is provide opportunities for their youth to meet other Christian youth.  Our Active Christian Teens Retreat will provide great fun, activities, Bible Study, swimming, and time to get to know each other at the Island and at the Ranch. Bring out your youth group or sign up on your own!

Ages: Voyageur (13-14) Teen Trek (14-18)

Dates and Cost: July 13-15.  $115

Deposit: $25