Needs List

Needs List

Providing quality Christ-centered camping experiences for you, your children, and your children’s children requires that Lutheran Island Camp & Retreat Center acquire and maintain the best possible equipment for our guests to use and enjoy. Listed here are some of the items we currently need. Please call the camp office to ask about the specifics of any items on the list so we can assure the best possible stewardship of your gift to the camp. Thank you!

Those items in red are needed for this spring and summer.

Pontoon boats - We are looking for at least one pontoon for our fishing program. 
We now have one. An additional one might be helpful.

Plank lumber treated if possible
Horse electric fencing (white tape is best)
Light weight electric fence posts
Dimension Lumber
Grapple for skid steer
Stain for log siding
Paint for the Ranch Cottage
Plants for our butterfly garden, vegetable garden Shovels, rakes, hoes.
Horse grooming equipment
Portable lumber mill with operator
Chain Saws
Safety goggles
Paddles and oars for canoes, kayaks, and boats
Marine type rope
Canoes, kayaks, water bikes, (Thank you Trinity Sabins for a new kayak)
Outboard motors (must be in very good to excellent running order)
Good quality grass or grass/alfalfa mix hay. (Need in July and August)
Saddles, bridles and other horse equipment especially for ponies
Beds mattresses for Retreat House. Fishing boats (must be in good to excellent condition)
Trees (10 foot white pine, maples, oaks and white birch) New windows for several cabins and house
New carpeting for the office in the ERC (approx. 68 sq. yards) Wood benches and wood swings (Thank you Redeemer, Willmar for making 12 of them)
Softball bats and gloves New or "gently used" pool cues
Gasoline power washer Fitted sheets and sheets for 84" long mattresses.
New pillows and pillow cases. Playground Balls
Props & clothing for Skit Night and our performing arts Campbell’s Soup Labels
Donated labor for cutting wood and clearing trails Electric frying pan

Less expensive items:

Toothbrushes for guests who forgot to bring them

Small bars of soap

General books for our libraries

New and fire resistant Fall and Christmas decorations

Decks of Cards, new cribbage boards

Nerf balls, especially glow in the dark

Playground balls

Wiffel ball equipment

Plastic hockey pucks for indoor hockey

Office scissors


Extension cords (3 prong and UL listed)

Five Gallon pails for Young Scientist program 

Unrestricted financial gifts to the Foundation that will be used for:
Help purchase and replace canoes
Purchase kitchen equipment (major items) and pots and pans
Tables and chairs
New beds in the ERC (We now have beds, but still need new mattresses) Thank you Concordia College and Eagle's bluff environmental learning center

Help fund a camp library
Continue work on Sunset/Sunrise cabins and unit lodges
Provide Camperships for children and youth
$100 per week to offset costs for utilities and cleaning for church worker use of log cabin during the

You can support the ministry of Lutheran Island Camp either through financial or in-kind contributions. As a registered IRS 501-C3 organization, all donations to Lutheran Island Camp and Retreat Center are tax deductible to the extent allowed by current IRS regulations and state tax laws.

Our staff can assist you in planning for future gifts to the camp by means of estates, land, appreciated assets, and insurance. Call the camp office to arrange for an appointment.

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