Shoes for the Mission

Join us in our new Shoes for the Mission program. Send your used dress shoes, tennis shoes and sneakers, work boots, and other shoes up to camp and we'll make sure they benefit both Lutheran Island Camp and people in third world countries.We need to generate 25,000 lbs of shoes in order to receive $10,000 to support our campership program. Help us gather them in.

This is how the shoe program works: We gather the shoes in and are paid 40 cents a pound for the shoes. We bag them in pairs and 25 pair to a bag. They are then shipped to Kansas City where they are gathered together with other shoes and sent to Florida. They are then processed, repaired and made ready for distribution. The company we work with helps to set up shoe vendors in third world countries. The shoes are "sold" to these vendors who then start their own businesses.

So, your shoes help many different people.

If you have a question, please let us know.

Here is a poster you can download:


Here are some suggestions for gathering shoes:

Go through your own closets. Promote it at your congregation
Stop by area shoe stores. Visit Garage and Rummage sales
Walmart and other similar stores sometimes have returns they will give. Goodwill and Salvation army sometimes have shoes they would throw away
Have a collection on the last day of Sunday School Have a collection at your LWML meeting or rally.