Alumni Page

We'd like to hear all about your stories of Lutheran Island Camp.  You can either follow the link below or send us an e-mail to share your story.
Click here to follow a link to share your information with us. Tell us where you are, what you're doing, what impact camp had on your life and much more.
Please enjoy the stories of praise below from you fellow campers, donors, and staff members.

Ken Erlandson
 Bill Schultz
 Judy Schultz
Christine Peterson-Borscheid
  Melissa Loidolt  Gib and Karen Kuhnau
Rev. Dan Domke
 Marjorie Hall
 Denise Becker
Matt Lemke
 Michael Nielsen
 Renee Lach
 Julie Martini (Solomonson)
  Leah Busse (Schultz) Ken Erlandson updated
Davina Ethridge (Robbins)
 Brenda Kuhnau
 Kelli LaVoie
Faith Fretham Jonathan Breitbarth
 Sherri King (Kottke)
Sara Olson
 Merrilee Aschman (Klug)
 Allysa Meyer (Wagner)
Sammye Elliot (Jager)
 Katie Huck Loosbrock
 Sandy Jacobson
Nate Reichle Crysten Sanchez (Cusher)
 Miriam Mueller (Sagissor)
Marlene Peterson (Eckhoff)  Norman Barge
 Shannon Cassady