Give Thanks

We’ve set a goal of raising at least $50,000 during the month of October and first two weeks of November. (We got a late start). We provided $15,000 in scholarships this past summer and that needs to be replenished. We've added two new program staff and are soon building a new facility to work with our science and environmental programs. We will also be adding an indoor arena to allow us to further develop the work with people with disabilities.   We’ll announce the total via our website during the week of October 28th. We’ve asked our district pastors to announce that total in their services the morning of November 4th. It will be an Amazing Day of giving thanks. You may use the Donate Now button on the bottom of home page. You may also use our response piece by downloading it by clicking here.

Volunteer Opportunities Coming This Fall

There will be several mailings that we need help with.

We'll be moving horses back from Fall pasture.

Wood cutting and splitting is always needed.

We can always use volunteers to help us with our Shoes for the Mission project.


Follow our progress toward our goal of $50,000.  As of November 10th we are at $58,706.50. Because of some difficulties getting the mailings out we are extending Amazing Day. On Sunday, November 11th we'll have the final results posted here!

By giving to the “Greatest Need” you allow us to direct your gift to the needs that are current or come up during the year. We use these funds to help with camperships, to purchase needed equipment, and to support the camp during times when our expenses exceed our income.


Many people are including Lutheran Island Camp in their estate plans, life insurance, or charitable annuities. We can help you make the necessary arrangements to extend your support of Lutheran Island Camp well after you have been called home to the Lord.

Support any of the many projects at Christ Serve Ranch and Christ Serve Academy.