Give Thanks

We’ve set a goal of raising at least $25,000 during the month of October and first two weeks of November. In 2019 we provided $12,000 in scholarships and that needs to be replenished. We'll be adding new staff for our Equine College program in 2020.  We will also be adding an indoor arena to allow us to further develop the work with people with disabilities.   We’ll announce the total raised in our Amazing Day appeal via our website during the week of 3rd. We’ve asked our district pastors to announce that total in their services the morning of November 10th. It will be an Amazing Day of giving thanks. You may use the Donate Now button on the bottom of home page. You may also use our response piece by downloading it by clicking here.

Volunteer Opportunities Coming This Fall

There will be several mailings that we need help with.

 Wood cutting and splitting is always needed.

We can always use volunteers to help us with our Shoes for the Mission project.