We know the value of our prayers and we know the value of your prayers. We know that many of you keep LIC in your prayers and for that we give thanks.  Throughout the month of October but especially on October 28th, we encourage you to join with thousands of others in a day of prayer. Here are some suggestions for your prayers that day. Please send us a note to let us know that you will be praying for camp by clicking here. Your name will be listed below.Click here to go to the list of those who are praying!  


† In the morning give thanks to God for His saving grace and for the beautiful gem that He has given us at Lutheran Island Camp and Christ Serve Ranch.



† At meal times, please remember the children and families that we work with who hunger for more knowledge, stronger faith, and complete assurance in their Lord.




† In the evening please pray for our advancing efforts to proclaim the truth of God’s word through our efforts to establish our Science and Environmental Learning Center  and Christ Serve Academy at Christ Serve Ranch and Lutheran Island Camp.




† Ongoing and daily, please remember the staff and board of directors of Lutheran Island Camp as they prepare programs, make decisions, and share Christ daily with those who need to know Him.


Those Who Are Praying


Those Who Are Praying


Ken and Toni Erlandson Marvin and Mary Swyter
Bill and Judy Schultz Wayne and Anne Hilchen

 Kerry and Shirley Koestler