An Amazing Day


An Amazing Day at the Island

October  2019


God’s people often experience an Amazing Day in their lives - their baptism day, a wedding, a special sermon, a day when Christ is shared, a day of prayer and meditation, or even the death of a Christ-loved servant.  Please join in making October   2019 a month of  Amazing Days of prayer, praise and thanksgiving for those who are blessed by God’s gift of Lutheran Island Camp.  Click on any of the topics below to be takien to a way you can participate. We are extending the Amazing Day to November 11, 2019 because of some issues we had at camp getting our mailing out.

 Prayer  Click here

We pray that your Amazing Day will begin and end with prayer. We’re going to ask that the Lutheran Island Camp Family to lift up Lutheran Island Camp, Christ Serve Ranch and our programs in your personal prayers throughout the month of October but especially on the 27th. Let us know that you will be praying by clicking above. We will be listing our prayer warriors throughout the month.

 Praise Click Here

God has touched many lives through His word as it has been proclaimed at Lutheran Island Camp. We’re asking you to praise His work in your life in several different ways during the month of October and especially on October 27,2019.  Share the Amazing Day you experienced at Lutheran Island Camp. We will be sharing those stories throughout the month.

 Give Thanks Click here

We’ve set a goal of raising at least $25,000 during the month of October. Those funds will help cover costs of the Retreat Season, provide camperships for next summer’s campers, and help us move forward with the Christ Serve Ranch plans for additional science and nature exhibits. We’ll announce the total via our website during the week following November 3rd and ask pastors to share that with their congregations on Sunday, November 10th.