Horse Camps for 2017

Please note that checkin times for all events begin at 3:00 pm unless noted on the program description.  Check out is after the ice cream social (9:30 am) and closing worship (10:00 am). Be sure that you check out with your counselor.

 Tenderfoot Horse Camp    Wrangler Horse Camp
 Horse Servent Event   Parent Child Trailblazer Weekend
    Beginner Horse Camp Weekend (and other adults and childre)

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  Official Notice

Limitation of Liability

Please be advised that any activity with livestock, including horses and ponies, has an inherent risk that may cause damage, injury, or death.  This notice is in compliance of Minnesota Statute 604A.12 which limits liability of not for profits. Lutheran Island Camp is not liable for the death or injury to a participant resulting from the inherent risks of livestock activities.


Beginner Horse Camp Weekend:

This event is for our younger campers who want to be a horseback rider but aren’t yet ready to participate in a weeklong event. Participants will spend time getting to know their horse and learn the basics of horsemanship including grooming, groundwork, respect, and riding. We’ll use some of our smaller and wiser horses. Most of our time will be spent in an arena.

Ages: 7-12


#1-June 23-25  This event is now full

#2-July 14-16   This event is now full

#3-July 28-30   This event is now full.

#4-August 11-13   This event is now full.

Cost: $150 (Lower Price)

Deposit: $50

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     Great Event for Kids Who Want To Find out About Horses!!!








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Parent Child Trailblazer Camps

These weekend events are for 6-11 year old youth and an adult. They are for those children who want to have a special experience with a parent, grandparent, uncle or other special adult in their lives. Weekends have a special emphasis.

Ages: 6-11 years old with an adult.

Dates and programs:

#1 June 9-11, Horseback riding;  We can take 6 more riders

#2 June16-18, Horseback riding: We can take 6 more riders

Costs: $160 for one adult and one child. Additional adults are $95 and additional children are $60.



Trailblazer and Voyageur Tenderfoot Horse Camp:

This is one of the best experiences that you can have at camp! Learn how to ride, groom, and feed a horse. By the end of the week, you'll be able to saddle your own horse; take it out on a nice trail ride, and perhaps do a few games on horseback. You'll wish the week would never end!    

Ages: 10-14 


# 1 June 18-23   9 spaces available

# 2- June 25-30  This event is now full!

# 3-July 16-21  This event is now full!

#4 July 23-28  This event is now full

# 5-July 30-August 4 This event is now full.

#6 August 13-18  1 Opening

 Rate: $425.

Deposit: $100

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Wrangler Horse Camp:

Those campers with a little more riding experience will want to take advantage of this week! Wrangler Horse camp offers more time in the saddle than the Tenderfoot version, plus you ride on more advanced trails, camp out one night with your horse, and experience what you and a good horse can do with some gaming.   

Ages:12 and older 


 #1-June 11-16 ($395) 11 spaces available

# 2-June 25-30 ($425) This event is now full

# 3-July 16-21($425) This event is now full

# 4 July 23-28 ($425) 3 spaces available

#5-July 30-August 4 ($425) No space available

#6 August 6-11 ($425) 7 spaces available

Rates:  See above

Deposit: $100

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Horse Outreach Program- Servant Event

We are looking for at least one group to help us get our Horse Outreach Program ready for the summer of 2017. Participants will help groom horses, clean-up our tack, build campsites, clear trails, and generally help us get the horses ready. There will be at least an hour or two of riding each day. The cost is higher because of more travel, offsite meals, and horseback riding.

We will have Bible study, devotions around the campfire, and our head wrangler will share God’s gift of creation as demonstrated through the horses and natural surroundings the servants will experience. They will also come to understand the importance of our Horse Outreach Program to several hundred youth who participate in it.

Dates and Rates:  

#1 May 28-June 2  

# 2 June 4-9

Rate:  $250 

Deposit: $75

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