Horse Camps

Horse Camps for 2015

Please note that checkin times for all events begin at 3:00 pm unless noted on the program description.  Check out is after the ice cream social (9:30 am) and closing worship (10:00 am). Be sure that you check out with your counselor.

 Tenderfoot Horse Camp    Wrangler Horse Camp
 Horse Servent Event     Mother and Daughter Horse Camp
Young Adult Horse Weekend
  Advanced Beginner Horse Camp
Cowboys Wrangler camp
  Beginner Horse Camp Weekend

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  Official Notice

Limitation of Liability

Please be advised that any activity with livestock, including horses and ponies, has an inherent risk that may cause damage, injury, or death.  This notice is in compliance of Minnesota Statute 604A.12 which limits liability of not for profits. Lutheran Island Camp is not liable for the death or injury to a participant resulting from the inherent risks of livestock activities.


Beginner Horse Camp Weekend:

This event is for our younger campers who want to be a horseback rider but aren’t yet ready to participate in a weeklong event. Participants will spend time getting to know their horse and learn the basics of horsemanship including grooming, groundwork, respect, and riding. We’ll use some of our smaller and wiser horses. Most of our time will be spent in an arena. Campers may stay at Christ Serve Ranch.

Ages: 8-12


June 12-14 (This event newly added)

#1-June 26-28  

#2-July 10-12  4 spaces left

#3-July 17-19  10 spaces left

#4-July 24-26  9 spaces left

#5-August 7-9.  9 spaces left

Cost: $180

Deposit: $50

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     Great Event for Kids Who Want To Find out About Horses!!!

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Tenderfoot Horse Camp:

This is one of the best experiences that you can have at camp! Learn how to ride, groom, and feed a horse. By the end of the week, you'll be able to saddle your own horse; take it out on a nice trail ride, and perhaps do a few games on horseback. You'll wish the week would never end!    

Ages: 10-14 


# 1-June 21-26  

# 2-July 5-10  

# 3-July 12-17  Please Call

#4  July 19-24  8 spaces left

# 5-July 26-31   3 spaces left

#6-August 9-14. 10 spaces left

Rate: $495.

Deposit: $100

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Advanced Beginner Horse Camp 1

This event is for those beginner riders who want more than a weekend but may not be ready to participate in the Tenderfoot Horse Camp. More time will be spent on the basics including grooming and caring for a horse. Much of the riding will be done in our arena, but by the end of the week the camper will be ready to head out on the trail.

Ages: Trailblazer (10-11) and Voyageur (12)

Date and Cost: June 14-19.  $495


Wrangler Horse Camp:

Those campers with a little more riding experience will want to take advantage of this week! Wrangler Horse camp offers more time in the saddle than the Tenderfoot version, plus you ride on more advanced trails, camp out one night with your horse, and experience what you and a good horse can do with some gaming.  Our Rustic week will provide a weeklong camping experience for the participants that will rival the wild west. 

Ages:12 and older 


# 1-June 14-19  

# 2-June 28- July 3 (Rustic)

# 3-August 2-7  7 spaces left

# 4 August 16-21  10 spaces left


Deposit: $100

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Teen Trek/Young Adult Horse Camp Weekend:

For older teens and young adults who love horseback riding but just can’t get away for an entire week, this weekend will be ideal. You will arrive Friday evening and pick out your horse, spend time riding in our arena, and sit around the campfire that evening. The next morning you’ll head back to the Ranch, saddle up and head off for a beautiful ride. You’ll have lunch out on the trail, spend some time in Bible study, then enjoy the camp’s many other facilities. That evening you’ll take another ride after a steak dinner cooked on the open fire.  On Sunday, you’ll have one last ride, pack up and join other campers for 10:00 a.m worship.

Ages: 16 and older

Date: June 12-14

Cost: $180 

Deposit: $100

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Cowboys Wrangler Horse Camp

This is an all-boys horseback riding camp that will take campers back 100 years.  Participants will be camping out two nights and three days during which we will be cooking our meals, trying some shooting and sling shots, doing some roping, and enjoying God’s creation.  

Ages: Boys only.  Voyageur (12-14) and Teen Trek (14-18)

Dates and Cost: August 2-7. $495

Deposit: $100

 Horse Outreach Program- Servant Event

We are looking for at least one group to help us get our Horse Outreach Program ready for the summer of 2014. Participants will help groom horses, clean-up our tack, build campsites, clear trails, and generally help us get the horses ready. There will be at least an hour or two of riding each day. The cost is higher because of more travel, offsite meals, and horseback riding.

We will have Bible study, devotions around the campfire, and our head wrangler will share God’s gift of creation as demonstrated through the horses and natural surroundings the servants will experience. They will also come to understand the importance of our Horse Outreach Program to several hundred youth who participate in it.

Dates and Rates:  

May 31-June 5 (Sunday-Friday)    $250 

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     Mother and Daughter Horse Camp
 horse 3    

This great weekend starts at the Island Friday evening for devotions and a good night's sleep in preparation for a full day of riding. You'll camp out Saturday night, take a moonlight ride. Sunday Morning you'll ride to worship before returning to the Island. Previous riding experiencerequired. If this weekend doesn't fit your schedule, we'll find another one for you.

Ages:10 and older.

Dates and Costs:June 5-7 (or call for availability) $180 per person.

Deposit:$100 per person

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