January 23, 2013


To: Congregations, LLLs, LWMLs, Youth Groups, and Sunday Schools of the Minnesota North District

From: The board and staff of Lutheran Island Camp

Subject: 2013 and the I Love a Camper Appeal


Greetings in Christ! 


Each year Lutheran Island Camp donors provide about $10,000 to help children come to camp who otherwise would never be able to afford to do so. Congregations have door offerings, individuals send checks or do on-line donations, organizations designate a few dollars and it all adds up to what we call -


Who will this help?

            This year we are focusing on children who have never been to camp before and likely would not be able to afford to come. Many of those children are from single parent families or from families that face serious economic challenges. Some of these children haven’t been in church in a long time. Some of the parents find it hard to think about a week at camp when they struggle to put food on the table.  Still others are new to our country or don’t even know what “Bible Camp” is.


You can participate in this effort by joining in our special I love a camper appeal on February 10th or at any time during the month of February. Congregations are asked to have a special door offering that day. Families and individuals will be encouraged to donate on-line at our website or to send their contributions directly to camp.  You can go to the website to download bulletin inserts, information for your newsletter, and information on how people can provide a campership for a child or simply make a donation that will be joined with others to help with the overall effort.


2013 is turning into a wonderful year already. We encourage you to be a big part of that by supporting this appeal, sending your children to camp, and scheduling your own time at camp.


May God bless your ministry!


In Christ,


Kenneth W. Erlandson

Executive Director

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