Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center Spring Programs


Creation Springs Forth

Join us as we observe God's creation springing forth. If you enjoy birdwatching, are a photographer, love to hike in the spring air, want to see the first spring flowers, or simply observe the new life that surrounds us, please join us for the Creation Springs Forth retreat. You may see young birds and nests, fawns, pond and lake life, trees, flowers, and so much more. Bring your camera, your paints, your hiking boots, your binoculars, and the book of Genesis as we discover God's creation. This is a Creation-Science Environmental Learning Center program.
Dates: April 13-15 and May 4-6
Rates: $89 for individuals; $115 for couples
Deposit: $25 per person.

Creation Photography Weekend

March 23-25

Join other photographers  who have a special desire to learn how to capture God’s magnificent creation through their art. Led by a professional photographer, you’ll see nature as it prepares to wakeup from its winter nap. Ottertail County is one of the most beautiful areas of Minnesota.  This event will allow you to photograph early spring both from the big and bold colors to the unique beauty of single animals, plants, and insects. Register by clicking here.

Dates: March 23-25

Rates: $85

March Sweetness
March 23-25
Information coming soon

Christ Serve Ranch Family Servant Events

Families will have the opportunity to work on service projects at Christ Serve Ranch. This new event  has a discounted rate of $75 each for  the first 4 members of the family and a maximum of $250. Available most weekends throughout the spring, summer and fall. Help us build trails, observation decks, docks, and much more. Call for availability or check our website for more information.

April 20-22

May 25-28


Creation-Science Family Week

Enjoy a week at Lutheran Island Camp with your family and grow in Christ through a series of Bible Studies and presentations by leading creation-scientists in person or by video.  This program is intended for families, couples and individuals not tied to a school calendar. It’s an ideal opportunity forfamilies participating in home schooling.

Dates: May 27 to June 1, 2012. 

Cost: $225 for adults and teens, $200for youth (8-12), $160 for children (3-8), 2 years and under, No Charge.  Maximum charge for family $1000
Deposit Amount: $200