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Autumn 2016

Youth Retreat Workshop  (information coming soon)  

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Advent/Lent Preaching Workshop

October 24-25, 2016

Join fellow pastors as they work through sermon series for Advent and Lent with Dr. Lane Burgeland.

Reading Luke through Corrective Lenses       

· Luke 10, the Good Samaritan / Mary & Martha (a study of context, Law & Gospel)

· Luke 11, the Friend at Midnight (a study of culture, Law & Gospel)

· Luke 15, What makes God happy (a study of the "rule of three," Law & Gospel)

· Luke 2, the Bethlehem Experience (what the text doesn't say, cultural values)

Seven Signs with Six Successes

· John 2, the Sign at Cana (Sabbath, wedding reception, wine)

· John 4, the second Sign at Cana (authority of Jesus, nature of His mission)

· John 5, the Sign at Bethesda (Sabbath, impossible problem -- failure)

· John 6, Jesus Feeds 5,000 + (a new Moses? Many followers leave - purpose?)

· John 6, Jesus Walks on Water (authority of Jesus; location in the middle of the fourth sign)

· John 9, the Man Born Blind (who sinned?)

Cost $110 Full Rate/ CommuterRate$75

After October17: $125 Full Rate/$90 CommuterRate

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